Successful New Grants 

[6 Nov 2014]

DP150104019      Vucetic, Prof Branka; Li, A/Prof Yonghui; Heath, Prof Robert; Guo, Prof Yingjie J

Project Summary

It has been predicted that within the next ten years trillions of devices will connect to cellular networks and cause a thousand-fold increase in mobile traffic. This will lead to a severe spectrum shortage and congested cellular networks. Large expanses of the millimetre-wave spectrum have the potential to meet the capacity demands of future cellular networks. The project aims to develop the fundamental sciences for millimetre-wave cellular communications, which thought to be essential for the design of next generation cellular networks with data rates at least three orders of magnitude faster than those in current cellular networks. The research outcomes are expected to provide the foundations and tools for building a future mobile broadband network infrastructure in Australia.

Administering Organisation: The University of Sydney



E150101704 Hardjawana, Dr Wibowo 

Project Summary

As the radio spectrum for cellular services is quickly running out, the next generation cellular networks require some fundamental technology advances to meet the exponentially growing traffic demand. This project aims to produce a cloud-based massive multiple-input-multiple-output cellular system to achieve a substantially higher system capacity without additional spectrum. Key research issues will be addressed by developing novel interference suppression techniques based on joint signal processing and cloud-based resource allocations. The project aims to leverage recent advances in cloud-based optimisation and utilise interference cancellation to provide fundamentally new approaches in increasing the capacity of cellular systems.


Funded Participants: DECRA Dr Wibowo Hardjawana

Administering Organisation:  The University of Sydney


LE150100021 Dong, Prof Zhao Y; Hill, Prof David J; Lu, Dr Dylan D; Verbic, Dr Gregor; Ma, Dr Jin; Muttaqi, A/Prof Kashem M; Sutanto, Prof Darmawan; Robinson, Dr Duane; Ciufo, Dr Philip P; Perera, Prof Sarath; Zhao, Dr JunHua; Ninness, Prof Brett M; Weller, A/Prof Steven R 

Project Summary 

Smart grid testing facility: This project aims to establish an essential part of infrastructure required for experimental research in the area of distributed resources under a smart grid. The innovative theoretical methodologies being developed under existing or completed research projects in this area will be validated through experimental research. The experimental platform is intended to help to resolve technical issues related to future power supply systems including real-time data from smart meters, application of vehicle to grid systems, demand management, control, and protection aspects under the uncertain nature of renewable energy sources. It is expected to bring together the researchers in this area for collaborative research.


Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s): University of Wollongong, The University of Newcastle, The University of Hong Kong 

Administering Organisation: The University of Sydney 


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