Successful clean energy project under the ARC Discovery Projects Scheme

[Nov 2016]

The project "Wide-area interconnected clean energy highway project" proposed by Prof Joe Dong, Prof Kashem Muttaqi, Dr Ke Meng, Prof Dr Saifur Rahman and Prof David Hill has been awarded a boosting $406,500 dollars.

The project aims to facilitate the deployment of the clean energy highway, an integrated electricity and gas network.

Renewable energy sources, advanced transmission facilities and power-to-gas technologies are changing energy systems. All these changes, while potentially making energy systems more responsive, efficient and resilient, also make implementation difficult.

This project endeavours to make implementation easier to ensure more sustainable solutions for energy generation, delivery and use in this new energy era.

The expected outcome is a sound and robust suite of models and associated methodologies to study, analyse and design the clean energy highway.

ARC Discovery Projects scheme provides funding for research projects that support excellent basic and applied research, encourage research in high-quality research environments and expand Australia's knowledge base and research capability.