Research Conversazione 2014 Prize Winners

[26 November 2014]

Our strength across the field of electrical and information engineering is borne out by the range of posters submitted at Student Research Conversazione 2014. Topics ranged from:

  • The effects of Wind Generation on Transient Stability in the NEM
  • A Novel Control Strategy For Islanded Microgrids
  • Addressing the stochastic nature of energy management in smart homes
  • Measurement of Subcutaneous Fat for Infant Body Fat Monitoring
  • Smarter Renewable Energy Management Using the Cloud
  • Promoting Mental Health in Students
  • A Mobile App in the 1st Year Uni-Life: A Pilot Study

"The recognition of the efforts of our engineering students by industry is very much appreciated," says Head of School, Professor Joe Dong.

ABB Prize in Power Engineering
Winner: Mohammad Golsorkhi 
Title: A Novel Control Strategy for Islanded Microgrids
Presented by: Alan Flett, Account Manager

AEMO Prize in Power Engineering (Energy Markets)
Winner: Farzad Noorian
Title: Smarter Renewable Energy Management Using the Cloud
Presented by: Brian Nelson, Senior Manager, Strategic Projects

Alstom Prize in Power Engineering
Winner: Daniel Miller
Title: Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Electrochromic Glass
Presented by: Bernard Hayes, Regional Vice President Power Sales-Oceania Region 

Ampcontrol Prize in Power Engineering
Winner: Mingfei Wu
Title: The Optimal Active Method for Stabilization of LC Input Filter and DC/DC Converter
Presented by: Dr Peter Stepien, Senior Research & Development Engineer, ResTech

Cochlear Prize in Biomedical Engineering
Winner: Doan Trang Nguyen
Title: Non-invasive Ventilation/Perfusion Imaging with EIT
Presented by: Dr Nicholas Pawsey, Prize in Software Engineering
Winner: Stephen Tridgell
Title: FPGA Implementations of Kernel-Based Anomaly Detection
Presented by: Darren Williams, Chief Technology Officer

NHP Prize in Electrical Engineering (Industrial Automation)
Winner: Wenjian Yang
Title: Fibre-optic Sensors for Flow Rate Monitoring
Presented by: David Sparkes, Application Engineering Manager (NSW/ACT)

NICTA Prize in Computer Engineering
Winner: Weicong Kong
Title: Non-Instrusive Load Monitoring for Demand
Presented by: Dr Yash Shrivastava, The University of Sydney 

ResMed Prize in Biomedical Engineering
Winner: Md. Arafat Hossain
Title: Lab-in-a-Phone: Water Quality Mapping
Presented by: Gordon Malouf, Vice President Technology

Siemens Prize in Electronic Engineering
Winner: Gillian Pan
Title: OCR-Based Document Classification
Presented by: Louis Tardini, Project Manager

Sydney Trains in Electrical Engineering
Winner: Nor Aishah Muhammad
Title: Geometry Based Stochastic Modelling of Millimeter Wave Channel
Presented by: Mark Armitage, Electrical Manager

Telstra Prize in Telecommunications Engineering
Winner: Robert Webster
Title: Optimal Resource Allocation for Smart Grid Applications in High Traffic Wireless Networks
Presented by: Natalie Kolodziej Strategic Programs Lead Network Technology

TransGrid Prize in Power Engineering
Winner: Hesamoddin Marzooghi
Title: Performance and Stability Assessment of Future Grid Scenarios for the Australian NEM
Presented by: Mal Coble, Manager Network Support and Consultations

Tyree Industries Prize in Electrical Engineering
Winner: Md. Habibullah
Title: Predictive Stator Resistance Tuning for Induction Motor Drive
Presented by: Peter Tyree, Chairman, A W Tyree Foundation

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