EMAIL, Calendaring and Room Booking

All University Staff receive the official University email account in the format built on their UniKey.

If you are an external academic, or a visitor and you don't know if you have a UniKey, please do the following:

  1. Read About My UniKey

  2. To request a UniKey please email IT Operations Manager and include the full name, Staff ID, phone, location in the school and any external email where you can be contacted. The UniKey and email account will be sent directly to you. 

  3. If you forgot your UniKey please contact the ICT Helpdesk.

  4. To setup your Exchange account in your email client please follow the Exchange setup guides  or call ICT helpdesk for support.

  5. When you're away from your desktop computer you can also access your exchange email and calendaring at Sydney Webmail

Advantages of MCS Exchange account

  • access  to the University Global Address List (GAL)

  • access to school distribution lists including
    _EIE all staff, _EIE Academics,  _EIE General Staff, _EIE Visitors,  _EIE Research, _EIE Postgraduates, _EIE Admin Office,  _EIE Professional Officers,  _EIE External Supervisors, _EIE IT Operations, _EIE CoE Telecom,   _EIE Telecom,  _EIE Wireless, _EIE Photonics, _EIE Powerlab, _EIE Unit Co-ordinators Semester 1, _EIE Unit Coordinator Semester 2. 
    To be added to any of the above lists please email IT Operations from your official @sydney email address.

  • access to Exchange calendaring system to organise meetings/appointments

  • access to School resources/room booking system *J03 {room}

I want to keep my external email 

  • If you're a visitor or an external lecturer and you'd prefer to receive the school communications to your external email address, but would like to be entered in the school distribution lists you can be added to the MCS Exchange server as and Exchange Contact.

  • Please fill in the form Staff Phonebool Person Update. You need a UniKey to access the form or ask a school staff to enter it for you.

  • For further support please call ICT Helpdesk on 16000

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