First prize winner in the 2015 IEEE Australia Council Student Paper Contest

Electrical and Information Engineering student, Rizhong Kang, currently a 1st yr MPhil. candidate in the Centre for Future Energy Network (CFEN) has won the first prize in the 2015 IEEE Australia Council Student Paper Contest (UG section). 

Rizhong's Award-Winning Paper proposes and develops a novel rule-based online preventive control tool to timely assess, enhance and optimise complex power systems' small signal stability status under smart grid and big data paradigm. 

Rizhong Kang talks about his degree and future career 

Current Degree: 1st yr MPhil. Candidate

Research Supervisors: Prof. Joe Dong and Dr. Yan Xu

Research Focus: voltage & transient stability and control, power system optimisation, demand response, game theory formulation, renewable energy penetration and its stability concerns, and electricity market pricing. 

Awards and Honours: 

  1. Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) winner
  2. 1st Class Honours in Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical (Power Engineering))
  3. 1st Prize (1st Place as Best Paper) in 2015 IEEE Australian Council (AC) Student Paper Contest (SPC) - Under supervision of Dr. Yan Xu, Dr. Jin Ma and Dr. Ke Meng 
  4. 2nd Prize (5th Place) in Shing-Tung Yau High School Mathematics Award (Global) - China National Final Round 

My Award-Winning Paper's Main Contribution:

Propose and develop a novel rule-based online preventive control tool to timely assess, enhance and optimise complex power systems' small signal stability status under smart grid and big data paradigm. 

Acknowledgements and Thoughts to Share:

Afore everything, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Yan Xu and Dr. Jin Ma  for their extremely invaluably sharp insights and comments into my project. Appreciation is also given to Dr. Ke Meng and many others for their kind help. Big thanks is owed to Prof. Joe Dong as well for his precious time to review my paper and providing industrial opportunities to strengthen my study.  

I am feeling a little bit lucky to win this renowned award. But I wasn't too surprised when I heard the decision from the IEEE AC Chair. The biggest word I want to share with all my peers and younger fellow students is 'better late than never to identify your true self and strive for your future'. I am definitely not the brightest student  in my major and you can never imagine how sloppy I was on my studies until the semester 2 of my year 3. But I managed to pinpoint my issues, get over them, catch up with the best students and finally discover my inner enthusiasm in research. 

Research can be much fun but demanding and sometimes even tiring. I spent countless hours on establishing theoretic framework, writing tedious lengthy codes, and revising this paper for dozens of times with my supervisors, in word-by-word manner. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the research process very much as I find it significantly beneficial to complement and deepen my understanding in different concepts discussed in lectures. Though this contest is my first taste of a formal research and I am still far from perfect, I feel greatly thrilled and rewarded to push forward the knowledge boundary even just for a little further.  

Last but not least, the School of EIE is a warm family that teaches me a lot. Studying in arguably the best power engineering faculty in Australia with many internationally reputed and industrially experienced academics who love to share their expertise with students, I always feel more than honoured and proud to be part of it.  Studying in this prestigious university is highly challenging and rewarding for my future career. 

Aim and Future Plan:

I am now working hard to realise my transition from an undergraduate who learn from textbooks to a research student who is expected to innovate based on knowledge foundation. As for my future aim, I wish to better prepare myself for a power engineering professorship in a globally respected institution through valuable and quality research training offered by our university.