Our People

School Academics (from left to right): David Hill, Branka Vucetic, Gregor Verbic, David Levy

Acting Head of School

Prof Abbas Jamalipour

Ph: +(612) 9351 2843, F: 9036 9690
Room: 606, J03
Email: abbas.jamalipour@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Ubiquitous Mobile Communications, Wireless IP Networks, Pervasive Mobile Computing and Networking, Integrated Cellular/IP Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Biologically-Inspired Networks, Ecologically-Inspired Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Cognitive Mobile Networks, Broadband Data Communications, Mobile and Wireless Communications, Network Security, Traffic and Congestion Control, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. 
Academic Profile

Research Group: Wireless Networking

Deputy Head   

Prof Philip Leong
B.Sc., B.E. and Ph.D. University of Sydney

Ph: +(612) 9351 6578
Room: 852, J03
Email: philip.leong@sydney.edu.au

Areas of interest: Reconfigurable computing, parallel processing, signal processing, computer architecture, computer arithmetic, computer engineering, integrated circuit design, embedded systems, field programmable gate arrays, FPGAs, biologically inspired computing, custom computing, computer hardware.
Academic Profile

Research Group: Computer Engineering Lab

Associate Heads
Undergraduate Teaching  Dr Yash Shrivastava
Postgraduate Research Dr Jin Ma
Postgraduate Coursework 

Dr Dong Yuan

Teaching and Learning A/Prof Abelardo Pardo
Research Prof Alistair McEwan
Sub Dean Research A/Prof Javid Atai
Program Leaders
Computer Engineering Prof Philip Leong
Electrical Engineering A/Prof Javid Atai
Power Engineering A/Prof Weidong Xiao
Software Engineering
- Deputy for Software Engineering

Prof Dong Xu
A/Prof Abelardo Pardo

Telecommunications Engineering Prof Abbas Jamalipour
ME and MPE (Electrical Engineering) A/Prof Javid Atai
ME and MPE (Telecommunications) Prof Yonghui Li
ME and MPE (Power Engineering) Prof David Hill
ME and MPE (Software Engineering) A/Prof Abelardo Pardo

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