Jose Thottippattu Thomas

I am an MPhil student at CARlab, interested in new diagnostic devices for maternal and newborn healthcare, based on low frequency and low g acceleration sensors.


Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) - University of Sydney (2008)
Master of Engineering (Electrical) - University of Sydney (2009)

Research Interest

My main research interest is in the acquisition and analysis of low frequency bio-mechanical signals. More specifically, I try to answer the following questions:

  • Are present MicroElectroMechanical (MEMS) sensors capable of detecting bio-mechanical signals with enough clarity for diagnosis?
  • What is the best signal processing algorithm that will yield bio-mechanical signals useful for diagnosis?
  • Is this the best option as a low cost diagnosis device?
  • How is a device of this nature to be implemented? For example: Should the device be inserted into cots or attached to the body?

The main challenge faced in this topic is noise.i.e., any unwanted signal that impedes the ability of the sensor. This may include electrical interference, sound,  temperature variation, etc.