Group photo of CARLab people


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Lab Directors

Craig T. Jin

craig.jin email 61-2-9351-7208

Alistair McEwan

alistair.mcewan email 61-2-9351-7256

Post-doctoral Fellows

Nicolas Epain

nicolas.epain email 61-2-9036-7082

Post-graduate Students

Sean Luskey

sluskey email 61-2-9351-8190

Aengus Martin

aengus email 61-2-9351-7207

Abhaya Parthy

aparthy email 61-2-9351-4769

Joubin Nasehi Tehrani

joubin email 61-2-9351-7581

Andrew Wabnitz

awabnitz email 61-2-9351-7211

Ping-Kun Tony Wu

pingkun email 61-2-9351-7230

David Sun

dsun email 61-2-9351-7257

Doan Trang Nguyen

trang email 61-2-9351-7257

Reza Zolfaghari

reza email 61-2-9351-7257

Kai Li

kai email 61-2-9351-7257

Roberto Cardu

roberto email 61-2-9351-7257