Software Packages and Online Resources

Software distributed by ICT 

As a student, you have access to University software through both the University's and your own devices. You can access online provided software, software installed on University computers or download and install exclusive software packages free of charge.

For further information on the available software, different ways of obtaining it and instructions on how to set up your devices, go to ICT Software Page 

  • You need a UniKey to access the software packages distributed by ICT. To obtain a UniKey please go to the "UniKey account"  webpage.

  • Most popular software provided on University computers: Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Endnote, Flash Player 10, Symantec Endpoint Protection Antivirus, Microsoft Office 2007 Applications, Internet Explorer 8, Statistics packages. 

Software packages maintained by the School / Faculty / ICT

 Online resources

AARNET Mirror Site : Hosts over two dozen software libraries for DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux,Sun, BSD, WWW, Perl, GNU, Commercial software updates & patches (MS, Sun,Mac, DEC, etc.)

AARNET stands for Australian Academic and Research Network.