Using the Internet

All currently enrolled students at the University of Sydney receive free internet access through the University's wired and wireless networks. You will need to authenticate yourself with your UniKey credentials once per session. 

The Internet is provided to help in your work and research.  

You should not use it for listening to the radio, watching news feeds or for downloading media files, movies and software that you do not need in your work.

There are also some ways to reduce the cost to the University:

  • Internet traffic between Universities in Sydney is free.

  • Traffic within the University is free.

  • Internet traffic to sites within Australia costs much less than for overseas. The saving is about 75%, so if you want to download something you should choose a local site. Often if you install a program like Netscape it will default to a homepage that is overseas.
    If you change the homepage preference to "blank" or something like the program will load quicker and reduce costs.

  • You should not install server programs on your PC, and you should not leave messagging programs running if you're not using them.

  • If you want to install some software you should try to find it within the School and University first through the following sites:

Happy browsing!