Network Notes

All School Labs are now on the University INTERNAL network.

  1. Windows Home Directory (All Students):
    All the Windows desktops in the teaching labs  are connected to the EIE Students file server.
  2. Login
    • In all labs :
      • Username: UniKey
      • Password: UniKey password
  3. Mapped Drives

  • H:\ - Home Drive: save your work here.
  • K:\ - PCApps Drive
  • T:\ - Takeme Drive
  • U:\ - an extra drive with limited space linked to the UniKey server
  • Same drives are used in all labs and therefore your saved information is accessible from any school laboratories.
  1. Printing Quota (All Students):
    A free printing quota is set at the start of the semester. For students enrolled in year1,2,3 the free quota is set to 200 pages. Students enrolled in year 4, undertaking a thesis or are postgraduates by coursework, receive a higher quota - 400 pages.  Once the quota has been used you can pay for extra pages with your student card.
    Check your printing balance and history by Logging into Student printing system with your UniKey and UniKey password. 

  2. Getting Help:You can call ICT Helpdesk on x16000 (02 9351 6000) or email "" using your email account, or that of a friend.

  3. How to access ICT Support

  4. More details about IT services in the school