Hints & Tips we all need...

It's late at night and you need help with a computer question but can't get hold of someone. Here are some great on-line help sites (some from www.anchordesk.com):

  • ZDNet Help http://reviews-zdnet.com.com
    Some of the most thorough hardware, software and Internet advice around. Covers everything from Linux woes to monitor mishaps in user-friendly language.

  • Windows Annoyances: http://www.annoyances.org/ 
    You'll find here most of your pet hates acknowledged and addressed. The site abounds in simple fixes, heavy-duty registry tweaks, neat things to do, trobleshooting ideas and stories and humour to keep you going.

  • Microsoft Supporthttp://support.microsoft.com/?ln=en-gb
    It's too bad the help offered within Microsoft products is not as easy to use or complete as what's offered here. Includes FAQs, troubleshooters and newsgroups for all its products.

  • Tutorial find: http://www.tutorialfind.com/
    You'll find links on everything. Use the search function to find a specific tutorial but I recommend wandering thru the links - you're sureto find one on something you always wnated to know about.