Student close-up : Eric Song

BE (Software Engineering) BCom

I was offered an Overseas Student Scholarship when I started my five year B.Eng. (Software)/B Com degree and I  graduated with First Class Honours after four and a half years.

 I chose engineering as my first degree because it is widely regarded as a highly
“capable” degree. I always enjoyed the mixture of mathematical reasoning and practical problem solving, which is what an engineering degree offers. I believe that engineers are among the “coolest” professions of all as they possess both the theoretical knowledge and technical skills and this allows them to accomplish “missions-impossible.”

At the University of Sydney I was offered the flexibility to combine engineering with almost any degree in which I was interested. I was free to “engineer” my own degree and hence my future career path. Sydney University has a long tradition of fostering academic excellence and it does so by recognising diligence and offering various scholarships and prizes. I was awarded a Scholarship when I started my BE(Software)/BCom degree and later won the ResMed prize for fourth year project work.
Because engineering at the University of Sydney maintains a high degree of relevance towards the industry it presents me with a career path of endless

As an engineering graduate I am offered work in the specialities that I am trained in as well as other roles that may require engineering skills. During my thesis year I was involved in research projects in the BioMedIA lab at CSIRO. I worked on researching interpolation techniques for knee cartilage MRI images.

After graduation I was offered an intern position in the Solutions Development Centre at Microsoft where I had my first taste of .NET project development.  I am now working as a Quantitative Analyst at  Macquarie Group where the majority of my work is concerned with the application of statistical models on risk management and derivative pricing - perfect for someone who enjoys reasoning and problem solving!

“Engineering is the coolest profession..the combination of theoretical and technical skills allow you to achieve ‘missions-impossible’. ‘‘