Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduate

What undergraduate degrees are available?

Standard 4-year degree

The School of Electrical and Information Engineering offers the Bachelor of Engineering degree in the following specialisations:

  • Electrical
  • Electrical (Power) 
  • Electrical (Computer)
  • Electrical (Telecommunications)
  • Software 
  • Biomedical (at Faculty level)

2 degrees in 5 years - combined degree courses.

The BE degree in the above specialisations can be combined with various other degrees - such as the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Laws. All combined degree courses are of 5 years’ duration, except for the Bachelor of Engineering with Bachelor of Laws, which is 6 years. Possible combinations are shown in the table:

Degree Combinations Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Medical Science Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law
Electrical yes yes yes yes yes
Power  yes yes yes yes yes
Computer  yes yes yes yes yes
Telecommunication yes yes yes yes yes
Software  yes yes yes yes yes
Biomedical yes yes yes yes yes

There is also a way to gain a BE and BSc in five years if you commence the 4-year BE degree in First Year. This is the “double degree” program whereby you can complete two years in the Faculty of Engineering, one year in the Faculty of Science (majoring in Maths, Physics or Computer Science) and then two more years in Engineering.

The degree structure for each specialisation.

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What Subjects will I study?

Subjects at the University of Sydney are known as units of study. Browse the full list of the units of study taught by the School.

Are there any prerequisites?

The Faculty of Engineering does not have prerequisites: only assumed knowledge. This means students may take units of study without studying the required subjects but should make up the knowledge before they start. Bridging courses are run between enrolment and semester commencement. Students receive more information on bridging courses during enrolment.

How do I apply?

Australian Students
Local students apply through the Universities Admissions Centre in August/September, in the year before they wish to commence studying. UAC is a central admissions body for all NSW and ACT universities. Application forms and information on how to apply are available on-line from UAC site.

International Students
International students apply directly to the University. Full details and an application form may be found at university international office.

Find out more about Undergraduate Application.

How will I be selected?

Australian Students
Details on selection may be found at Future Students page

International Students
A number of overseas qualifications are accepted for entry into our degrees. Where appropriate, the School will grant credit for previous studies. This will vary from country to country. Please contact the International Office for more information.

What if I do not get my first BE specialisation preference?

Do not worry; the School has an internal transfer arrangement for the BE specialisation it teaches. For example, if you are offered Electrical Engineering and want to do Computer Engineering, it will be possible to transfer later as long as you can demonstrate that you are academically capable. Normally, you would be expected to maintain a credit average in any given year (around 65%), before a transfer would be allowed.

What does it cost?

Local Students
Cost details information for local students.

International Students
Cost details information for international students.

What Scholarships are available?

Future Undergraduate Scholarships

For further information or enquiries please email


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