Thinking about an Electrical and Information Engineering Degree?

What is Electrical and Information Engineering?

The School of Electrical and Information Engineering offers degrees in the following areas as well as combined engineering courses with studies in Arts, Commerce, Law, Medical Science and Science:

Excellent teaching and learning environment

The School provides its students with an excellent learning environment in which to follow their chosen course of engineering studies. The University of Sydney is recognised internationally as one of Australia’s foremost universities and one of the top universities throughout the world for excellence in its teaching, learning and research.

Rich student experience

Studying engineering in the School provides a rich student experience throughout the duration of the School seeks to educate students to the best international standards by providing a world-class infrastructure with strengths in wireless and intercommunications, fibre optics and photonics, audio systems and power and energy systems.

At the same time as studying for your degree, you can enjoy the boundless opportunities to participate in a diverse, challenging and wonderful campus life. Studying Electrical & Information Engineering at the University of Sydney opens doors to great jobs and great experiences!

Advanced Engineering & IT Program

The Advanced Engineering & IT program is open to students who have proven outstanding academic ability (a ATAR of 98 or higher).

It offers the opportunity to defer physics and mathematics in the first year and work in a supervised design group developing a premise into a working prototype. Entry to the program is by invitation from the Dean following the release of HSC results. The program is available in all engineering disciplines and continues in Years 2, 3 and 4.

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Electrical & Information Engineering at The University of Sydney

A BE degree at the University of Sydney takes 4 years full-time (5 years for a combined degree). All five degree courses (see below) have foundations in physics, mathematics, computer science and basic electrical engineering principles.

The core skills develop the themes of electrical circuits, electronics and computer systems, signals and communications, power systems, control, energy systems and management.

There are opportunities to make contacts in industry, including a three-month practical training in industry at the end of Year 3 and many Year 4 thesis projects are linked to industrial problems and applications.

All students have a ‘common Year 1’ during which they enrol in the same units of study (essentially engineering basics and science). This ‘common Year 1’ facilitates transfer between specialisations and, in most cases, enables students to complete the BE degree requirements in 4 years. The degrees start to diff er significantly in Year 3.

Combined degree options allow students to broaden their skills base in other faculties while qualifying for the award of two degrees.

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Flexible Entry

If you think you will be in the 80-85 UAI range and you're not sure in which area to specialise please consider the Flexible Entry scheme.

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The University of Sydney and the Faculty of Engineering & IT offer scholarships for high achievers based on academic merit and financial need. For more information visit the Scholarships webpage or the School website.

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