Abelardo Pardo PhD University of Colorado at Boulder, US, SM-ACM

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Associate Professor on Software for Educational Environments

- Director of the Learning and Affect Technologies Engineering Research Laboratory

- Co-Director of the Faculty of Engineering and IT Educational Innovation Unit

- Deputy Director of the Centre for Research on Learning an Innovation

Abelardo Pardo is is Associate Professor and Associate Head of Teaching and Learning at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney. He has a PhD in Computer Science by the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the director of the Learning and Affect Technologies Engineering (LATTE) laboratory specialized in educational technology, and co-director of the Learning Analytics Research Group. His areas of research are learning analytics, software for collaborative and personalized learning, and technology to improve the student experience and teaching practice. He is also research fellow at the LINK Research Lab (The University of Texas at Arlington), co-director of the Education Innovation Unit of the Faculty of Engineering and IT (The University of Sydney), and member of the executive board of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Areas of research interest

Educational technology, Technology Enhanced Learning, Learning Analytics, Big data in learning environments, Data-guided learner support, Platforms for Learner Compliance, Learner dashboards, Data-driven Tools for Instructor Support, Tools for Scaling Personalized Student Support Actions, Data supported real-time learner feedback, Learning Analytics for Collaborative Learning Processes, Collaboration in Blended Learning Scenarios, Online learning support, STEM Education.

Current and Past Academic Positions

  • Associate Professor, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • Associate professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  • Adjunct professor, Tufts University, Massachussetts, USA


Dr Abelardo Pardo

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