Research Interests

  • Power electronics converter topology, control and applications
  • Renewable and sustainable electrical energy systems
  • Engineering education

Recent Research Activities

  • Download [PDF] - A recent seminar delivered at Yonsei University, South Korea. A summary of my recent 5 years of research on efficiency and power quality improvement in power conversion.

R&D Capabilities

  • Power converter analysis, design and development
  • Power supply testing and evaluation
  • Electronic circuit design
  • Circuit Simulation and Analysis
  • Engineering prototype/sample


  • Clean Energy Research Cluster, Faculty of Engineering and IT, "Fuel Cell Based Hybrid Electrical Propulsion for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles," D. Verstraete, D.D.C. Lu and A. Minett, 2012-2013
  • Australian Strategic Technology Programme, "New generation of power electronics interfaces for smart metering," D.D.C. Lu, and Y.H. Li, 2011-2012
  • University of Sydney Major Equipment Schemes, "A modular wireless communication system for a micro-power grid," D.D.C. Lu, B. Vucetic, and D.J. Hill, 2010
  • University of Sydney International Program Development Funds-2011 Round, "Study of advanced grid-connected inverter system for renewable energy generation," D.D.C. Lu, H.H.C. Iu, and D. Xu, 2010
  • CSIRO OCE PhD Scholarship, "The development of an advanced power electronics interfaces for photovoltaic (PV) generation systems with the capability of also connecting energy storage," D.D.C. Lu, D. Cornforth, G. James, and Y. Du, 2010-2012
  • UWA Research Collaboration Awards, "Next Generation High Efficiency and Reliable Photovoltaic Power System," H.H.C. Iu, V. Sreeram, K. Vo and D.D.C. Lu, 2009
  • University of Sydney International Visiting Research Fellowship, "Development of High Efficiency Photovoltaic DC/DC Modules with Optimum Maximum Power Point Tracking for DC Microgrid Applications," V. Mummad and D.D.C. Lu, 2009
  • Faculty Early Career Research (ECR) Scheme, "An Integrated and Electrolytic-Capacitor-Free Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Electronics System," D.D.C.Lu, 2009
  • ARC Discovery Projects (DP0985867), "Hot-swappable and High-efficient Grid-connected Power Electronics System For Photovoltaic Modules with Direct Power Transfer Technique," D.D.C. Lu and V.G. Agelidis, 2009-2011   
  • University of Sydney Bridging Support Grants, "Multi-terminal direct current distribution system fed by proton exchange membrane fuel cells", V.G. Agelidis and D.D.C. Lu, 2008
  • ARC Discovery Projects (DP0877588), "Theoretical study and experimental verification of low cost, integrated and efficient AC/DC power supplies using time-multiplexing control", D.D.C. Lu, 2008-2010   
  • University of Sydney Major Equipment Schemes, California Instruments, V.G. Agelidis and D.D.C. Lu, 2008  
  • University of Sydney R&D Schemes, "Synthesis of low-cost and high efficient AC/DC power supplies by combining power processing stages", D.D.C. Lu, 2007   


  • Dean's ECR Research Award 2011 [Info]
  • D.K.W. Cheng, D.D.C. Lu and Y.S. Lee, Technology Transfer Award (Merit), PTeC's Outstanding Professional Services Awards 2010, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 2010. [Poster]

Students Awards

  • Yang Du, "Power Quality Issues Caused by Integrating Photovoltaic (Solar cell) Inverter into Power Grid", Ampcontrol Prize for Power Engineering (Control), PG category of Research Conversazione 2012, Sydney University. [PDF]
  • Khairul Muhammad, "Photovoltaic Array Emulator (PVAE)", Alstom Prize for Power Engineering (Renewables), PG category of Research Conversazione 2012, Sydney University. [PDF]
  • Yang Du, "A Study on the Harmonic Issues at CSIRO Microgrid", TransGrid prize, PG category of Research Conversazione 2011, Sydney University.
  • Quang Ngoc Nguyen, “Photovoltaic Panel Simulator”, ABB Australia Prize, UG category of Research Conversazione 2010, Sydney University.
  • Ian Laird, "Thermoelectric Power Converter", EnergyAustralia prize, PG category of Research Conversazione 2010, Sydney University.
  • Yang Du, "Using Battery-Integrated Boost Converter in DMPPT Configuration to Improve Power Output and Stability of a PV System", TransGrid prize, PG category of Research Conversazione 2010, Sydney University.
  • Collin Lee, "Modelling and Simulation of Modern Power Electronic Distribution Systems", ABB Australia Ltd Prize, UG category of Research Conversazione 2009, Sydney University.
  • Pitichai Tirapongporn, "High Efficiency DC/DC Converter for Common Portable Electronic Devices", Tyree Holdings Prize, PG category of Research Conversazione 2009, Sydney University.
  • Ahn-Dung Diep, "Design of a Simple Dimmer for Compact Flourescent Lamps", Sydnovate’s Runner-Up Prize for Excellence in Innovation at the Research Conversazione 2008, Sydney University. (Co-inventor and project supervisor of Mr. Diep)
  • Ian Laird, "Heating up the Fight against Global Warming: Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) based Thermoelectric Generator (TEG)", Postgraduate Prize, Resmed Award for Addressing Society’s Needs in Research Conversazione 2008, Sydney University.
  • Jeremy Blackford, "Electrical Smart Metering", NICTA Award for 4th year project on Telecom: Next Generation Applications in Research Conversazione 2008, Sydney University.
  • Jason Hill, "Applying time multiplexing control to multiple output converter", Digital Systems and Electronics category prize in Research Conversazione 2006, Sydney University.

Recent Professional Activities

  • Guest Editor, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (2013). Special issue on Power Converters, Control, and Energy Management for Distributed Generation (Call for papers)
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Electronics (Since Nov 2012)
  • Guest Editor, Advances in Power Electronics (Special Issue on Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems 2012)
  • Editorial board member, Energy and Power Engineering (Since 12/2011)
  • Editorial board member, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (Since 8/2010)
  • Associate Editor, Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Since 2007)
  • Organizer, IEEE ISCAS 2013 (Special Session)
  • Organizer, IEEE ICIT 2013 (Special Session)
  • Organizer, IEEE IECON 2012 (Special Session 5 - Power Converters and Control for DG)
  • Member, international advisory panel, ICCCI'12
  • Member, organizing committee, AUPEC'08
  • Member, technical program committee, IEEE PESC'08, IEEE PEDS'11
  • Session Chair, IEEE IECON'07, AUPEC'07, IEEE PESC'08, AUPEC'08, AUPEC'09, IEEE PEDS'09, IEEE IECON'11
  • Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - Part I, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, IET Power Electronics, International Journal of Power Electronics, Journal of Energy Efficiency, and major IEEE Power Electronics Conferences.