In the course of performing my work, I come across useful resources, tips and tricks. This page is a short summary of these gems which others may find useful as well.

Ubuntu Mirror

I prefer using Ubuntu for all my servers. The closest and best mirror site when operating behind University of Sydney firewall / proxy servers is


Lisp may have been a CS staple for a long time, but it's going strong, in fact Paul Graham has written various essays which have increased the awareness of the power of Lisp. newLISP runs on all common platforms, is a tiny self-contained executable and supports multi-processing style of programming. It is surprisingly complete, including web server and easy access to system shared libraries. For more info and downloads see newLISP website


When writing, I prefer to concentrate on the message, not the medium. The Semantic writing tool LyX lets you concentrate on writing and best of all it comes at the right price. You can download IEEE, etc document templates and have your paper automatically formatted to the submission standards.