Research Interests

Core interests are Business Information Systems and Business Systems Engineering. Bringing together the disciplines of implementing business strategies and imperatives in our fast moving economy with the rigour and discipline of engineering.

Current research work encompasses Information Engineering and Software Engineering. Specifically the areas of Model Driven Software Engineering and Generative Programming Environments. Currently working towards a PhD with the following topic.

Metamodelling Business Services with Situation Theory

While Model Based Software Engineering (MBSE) is the cornerstone of many successful software projects, the lack of a robust formalism is considered to be a stumbling block to wider adoption. We have identified situation theory, a branch of mathematics pertaining to information content and meaning, as a potential foundation for MBSE. Work is underway to construct a meta-model for use in the modelling of business services as defined in the "Business Analysis Body of Knowledge" published by the International Institute of Business Analysis. A prototype situation theoretic toolset, InfonLab, has been developed as part of the work and a swarm of autonomous generators are deployed to produce both documentation and source code artefacts from the models created in this environment.