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  • ELEC5020 Capstone Project A (6 CP)

  • ELEC5021 Capstone Project B (6 CP)

  • ELEC5022 Capstone Project B extended (12 CP)

  • ELEC5222 Dissertation A (12 CP)

  • ELEC5223 Dissertation B (12 CP)

Welcome to the Postgraduate Project/Dissertation.

Unit Co-ordinator: Dr Yash Shrivastava

This page is maintained to provide the relevant information and deadlines to the postgraduate coursework students (ME and MPE) who are doing a project in this school. Most of you have already undertaken project work in your undergraduate studies and are thus aware that the project would require you to bring together all your wealth of knowledge gained over the past years in electrical engineering. The learning outcomes for the postgraduate project are at a higher level than the undergraduate project. You will be required to show significant self-motivation and initiative. The administrative hurdles along the way (which is our way of ensuring that you are making a regular progress) are specified on these pages. The first task is to register your proposed topic that you have negotiated in consultation with your academic supervisor(s).

Most students are required to spread their project work over two semesters, e.g. ME students and MPE students doing Professional Practice Pathway will do ELEC5020 and ELEC5021 over two consecutive semesters; while MPE students doing the Research Pathway will do ELEC5222 and ELEC5223 over two consecutive semesters. Under unusual circumstances the students can do the project work over one semester with the permission from the Postgraduate Coursework Director.

Please refer to the Sydney e-Learning Blackboard for timetable, forms, assessments and submission.