The table below shows information of EIE academic staff members (as well as a few externals) and their proposed topics. To register for a project, approach a potential supervisor and discuss the project. Once the supervisor and project topic are confirmed, fill in the Topic Registration form and submit it online via Blackboard. For projects with the external supervisors, you would also need a nominal internal supervisor.

Please go to the website for full list of academic staff in the School.

Supervisor(s) Research area
Proposed topics
Professor Rafael Calvo
Software engineering URL to topics
Dr Shiping Chen (external) Software engineering Topics
Professor Philip De Chazal
Biomedical Engineering Topics
Professor Joe Dong
Future energy networks Topics
Associate Professor Craig Jin, Professor Philip Leong, Dr Yash Shrivastava Software engineering Topics from
Dr. Wibowo Hardjawana Telecommunications Topics
Dr Sazzad Hussain (external) Software engineering Topics
Associate Professor Craig Jin
Computing and Audio Research Laboratory Topics
Professor Philip Leong
Computer engineering URL to topics, Topics from Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
Associate Professor Yonghui Li Telecommunications Topics, Miroma
Dr Zihuai Lin
Telecommunications Topics
Professor David Lowe
Software engineering Topics and URL to other topics
Dr Dylan Lu Future energy networks URL to topics
Dr Jin Ma
Future energy networks Topics
A/Prof Alistair McEwan
Computer engineering URL to topics
Dr Abelardo Pardo
Software engineering URL to topics
Dr Swamidoss Sathiakumar Future energy networks Topics
Dr Yash Shrivastava Future energy networks Topics
Dr Johnson Thie Computer engineering URL to topics
Mr Manurajh Thurairajah (external) Software engineering Topics
Dr Gregor Verbic
Future energy networks Topics
Professor Dong Xu Computer engineering Topics
Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi Photonics engineering Topics
Dr Dong Yuan Software engineering Topics