Postgraduate Coursework Qualifications

General Information

A series of stand-alone and linked units of study, available both full- and part-time and leading to: Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Master’s Degree


The University of Sydney’s School of Electrical and Information Engineering offers fee-paying units of study at postgraduate level across the professional areas of information, communications and computer engineering which can be taken either individually or accumulated towards a qualification from the University.

The Awards and Articulation

The award program offered by the School of Electrical and Information Engineering ranges from the individual unit of study through Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma to a full Master’s degree. A postgraduate student enrolled in a coursework qualification can be granted advanced standing for all units of study completed with credit average results or higher in one award of the sequence towards any other award in the sequence, irrespective of whether or not the award has been conferred .

The Graduate Certificate is a highly focused qualification for those desiring knowledge and understanding in a particular field of engineering. The Graduate Certificate program is not normally available to International Students.

The Graduate Diploma offers an opportunity to combine a specific field of engineering with complementary required skills. These may be in a technical or engineering-related management area.

The Master’s Degrees provide the top level coursework qualification. In the Master of Engineering Studies (MES) degree the coursework can be complemented by a project report demonstrating a capacity to apply the new knowledge in a real engineering context. In addition to a non-specialised MES, this school offers two specialised MES streams in wireless engineering and in network engineering. Another available Master’s degree is the Master of Information Technology (MIT). This degree is available through the Faculty of Science and includes telecommunications and computer engineering streams offered by the School of Electrical and Information Engineering. Enquiries and applications need to be addressed to the Faculty of Science.

Units of Study

The individual units of study are described later in this document. In addition, at least for the diploma, a limited number of units of study can be taken from elsewhere within the University or from other universities.

Units of study which may be approved for credit include those offered elsewhere in the Faculties of Engineering, Science, Economics and Business, as well as the Engineering Faculties of the University of New South Wales, The University of Technology, Sydney; and, in some circumstances, elsewhere.

It is up to the candidate to enquire of these other departments what is on offer in the current year, to obtain PRIOR approval for credit from the School, to enrol directly with the other department (including payment of any fees as required by the other department), and to ensure that the results are transferred back to the Engineering Faculty for credit.


Please note that not all units of study are available every semester and that there may be restrictions of either minimum or maximum student numbers. Information on future semesters will be released as soon as it is available. If this causes problems, every effort will be made to find alternative arrangements for each candidate.


The contact points for information are the postgraduate office within the Faculty of Engineering, the postgraduate office of Electrical and Information Engineering (level 4), or through the following:

Graduate Coursework, Electrical and Information Engineering J13

The University of Sydney, NSW 2006

Phone: +61 2 9351-7799
Fax: +61 2 9351-3847
Email: Web:


Application for enrolment should be made as soon as possible on forms obtainable from the School at the contact address above. This process checks the applicant’s previous qualifications against the requirements stated in the University Statutes.


Enrolment takes place prior to the beginning of the semester.