Foundation Units

Foundation units are available to MPE, Grad Dip (Prof Eng) and Grad Cert (Prof Eng) students only. They cannot be counted for credit towards an ME.

These units are co-taught with their corresponding undergraduate units and use their websites.

Foundation unit name and CUSP Outline Sem
ELEC5720        Foundations of Electronic Devices and Circuits 2
ELEC5721        Foundations of Signals and Systems 2
ELEC5722        Foundations of Digital Systems Design   1
ELEC5730        Foundations of Eng Electromagnetics  1
ELEC5732        Foundations of Electricity Networks 
ELEC5733        Foundations of Power Electronics & Apps 
ELEC5734        Foundations of Electrical Energy Conversion Systems 
ELEC5735        Foundations of Control 
ELEC5736        Foundations of Digital Signal Processing  1
ELEC5737        Foundations of Electronic Circuit Design 
ELEC5738        Foundations Comm Electronics & Photonics 
ELEC5739        Foundations of Communications 
ELEC5740        Foundations of Data Comm & the Internet 
ELEC5741        Foundations of Embedded Computing
ELEC5742        Foundations of Internet Software Platforms
ELEC5743        Foundations of E-Business Analysis & Design
ELEC5744        Foundations of Digital Comm Systems