The Centre for Future Energy Networks (CFEN)

Director: Professor David Hill

As ageing of existing power systems worldwide presents unprecedented challenges to engineers and managers alike, continuous and fault free operation of the electrical grid and the power system infrastructure in general depends upon the development of new technologies. These new technologies include information systems, communication systems and advanced power electronics which all need to be integrated in an innovative way to achieve the much desired intelligent grid. The intelligent grid of the future will have a higher integration of renewable energy generation, will be able to “heal” itself, predict and divert problems and advice of corrective measures based on sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics technologies and information processing systems.  It is important to note that energy systems in general and renewable energy systems in particular, are a key area promising to further support our path towards a more sustainable economic and social development in the future.

The research activities of the power engineering group focus on intelligent grid, power transmission technologies, integration of renewable energy generation with the grid and advanced power electronics systems.  Industrial links are in place with a number of companies at state and national level, including Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia), TransGrid and AEMO.  At international level, strong links with leading vendors, such as ABB (Sweden), and numerous research groups in universities and institutes are in place. There are opportunities for research students in CFEN to spend part of their studies visiting these laboratories.

Researchers: Prof D Hill, Prof ZY Dong, Dr D Lu, Dr S Sathiakumar, Dr Y Shrivastava, Dr Gregor Verbic and Dr J Ma

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