Research Programs in the School

research areas in the school

The Electrical and Information Engineering program at The University of Sydney has a long and distinguished history. Over the years, the School has grown to host the largest research program in the Faculty of Engineering. We are particularly proud of the tradition of excellence of our graduate programmes and their rich variety. In many branches of Electrical and Information Engineering, the School has world-renowned experts amongst its staff. It is made up of a number of laboratories:

  • Computer & Software Engineering
  • Photonics Engineering
  • Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications
  • The Centre for Future Energy Networks

Our graduate students currently are engaged in coursework and research that lead to master and doctoral degrees in a broad range of topics. Our academics are outstanding leaders and innovators in their research fields and provide exceptional mentoring and educational opportunities to their students.

The School has received major industry-sponsored research contracts, competitive research grants and is participating in national Cooperative Research Centre activities.

This site describes current research activities in the School and anyone interested in doing postgraduate work at Sydney University Electrical and Information Engineering is encouraged to discuss their plans with any of the academic staff members. Excellent opportunities exist for innovative and creative students to join activities involving internationally recognised researchers.

You may be exactly the student we are looking for, and you may realise that working on a higher degree at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering is exactly what you want. I encourage you to contact academics and the Director of Postgraduate Studies for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Research in EIE is organised into four themes

and within these themes there are subgroupings.

Details of subgroups and research activities can be accessed through the headings listed.

Research Applications for future students