The Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications

Director: Prof Branka Vucetic

The Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications specializes in a broad area of wireless communication systems, including transmission, error control coding, adaptive signal processing, protocols, routing, network architectures, network security, location estimation and network traffic modeling.

The research outcomes have wide applications in satellite, cellular, ad hoc, sensor and wireless local area networks. The centre is engaged in both fundamental and applied research. The activities are focused on providing research support to the telecommunications industry. Examples of achievements include soft output detection and decoding algorithms, widely used in cellular radio networks; optimum modulation codes for fading channels; adaptive receivers for code division multiple access (CDMA); turbo code design; mobility and traffic management techniques; data traffic modeling and traffic management techniques and TCP enhancement techniques for wireless networks. A wide range of research projects have been undertaken in cooperation with industry.
At present the laboratory has at a number of research activities in cellular communication systems, sensor and ad hoc networks.

Examples of these activities are:

  • Adaptive Multi-input Multi-output Systems
  • Distributed Coding
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Network Coding
  • Interference Suppression in Co-working Wireless Networks
  • On-Board Broadband Wireless Internet Systems
  • Routing Techniques for Mobile Ad hoc Networks and Sensor Networks
  • Error Control in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Mobile Communications
  • Next Generation Transparent Network Architecture for High-Speed Communications
  • Advanced Network Selection Algorithms and Architecture Design in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks
  • Wireless Cellular Network and Wireless LAN Security Techniques
  • Performance Study and Improvement of TCP in Wireless Communication Networks
  • Sensor Network Localization and Its Applications
  • Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks for Precision Irrigation Systems
  • Quality of Service in 4G Wireless Networks
  • Network Traffic Modeling and Performance Analysis in the Presence of Traffic Self-similarity
  • Multiple Time Scale Traffic Engineering

The Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications was successful in obtaining an ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant to establish a common software and hardware platform for investigating and developing 4G wireless communication systems and wireless sensor networks. The new facility will considerably enhance the existing research activities in wireless sensor networks, by providing tools for creating fast prototypes.

Currently there are about twenty postgraduate research students at the Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications, supported by scholarships from various government and industry sources.

Research Leaders:  Prof B VuceticProf A Jamalipour, Dr Y Li and Dr G Mao

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