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Member Role/Position Email Supervisor Connect
A/Prof David Levy  Associate Professor  
Dr Shiping Chen CSIRO ITC Centre       
Prof Alan Fekete  School of IT       
Dr Uwe Roehm  School of IT      

Current Graduate Students

  • Eugene Doma  - PhD Student: Business service software modeling and generation
  • Alci Popp  - PhD Student: Course mapping tools for educational planning 
  • King Yiu (Evan) Tam  - PhD Student:  Image search tools and methods
  • Jinhui Yao - PhD Student: Trusted storage in the cloud 
  • Raniga, Parnesh  - PhD Student: Quantitative Analysis of C-PiB PET: Applications to Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Lee, Bryan - PhD Student: Physically Based Modelling for Topology Modifcation and Deformation in Surgical Simulation
  • Jingyu Zhang - PhD Student: Mobile-cloud web services
  • Dahai Li - PhD Student (Thesis Submitted): Reinforcement learning and its application to autonomous QoS control in distributed services.
  • Yan Schwarzneider - PhD Student: Global Semantic Graph
  • Ifeanyi Egwutuoha - PhD Student: Distributed fault tolerance
  • Richard Yang - MPhil student:  Trusted services in the cloud
  • Andy Nicholson - MPhil student:  Mobile services in the Cloud

Congratulations to Bryan and Parnesh who will be graduating in May 2011

Recent Graduates

  • 2001: Jin, Dongxi MER: Object-orientated design approach for real-time systems with UML
  • 2002: Muneesawang, Paisarn, PhD: Retrieval of image/video content by adaptive machine and user interaction
  • 2002: Zhong, David, PhD: Image processing and text/character-like object extraction
  • 2003: Lazarus, Gary, MER: Towards an open project management methodology for the management and control of virtual teams
  • 2003: Wang, Xiaoxing, PhD: Neural computational models of superior colliculus for visual processing
  • 2004: Ghiglione, Ernesto, MER: Lors, a standards and specifications compliant learning object repository
  • 2004: Wu, Wenzhi, MER: An internet-coupled real-time air monitoring system
  • 2004: Randall, Jonathan, PhD: Unsupervised digital image segmentation with neural networks and perceptually inspired visual features
  • 2005: Lee, Ivan, PhD: Distributed multimedia content retrieval and streaming over collaborative networks
  • 2006: Stepien, Peter, PhD: Unsupervised learning algorithms and architectures for the implementation of visual processing
  • 2007: Garcia Adeva, Juan, PhD: A general software architecture for text-mining engineering
  • 2007: Kyan, Matthew, PhD: Unsupervised learning through dynamic self-organisation: implications for microbiological image analysis
  • 2007: Li, Zhanwen, MER: Fair service for high-concurrent requests
  • 2007: Tang, Kezhe, MER: Performance evaluation and modelling of web service security
  • 2007: Sun, Yi Feng, MER: UML-RT Oriented Design Approach for Building ERT Systems
  • 2008: Nam, Dong He, MER: Automatic Test Generation of Object Statecharts
  • 2008: Du, Bing, PhD: Robust Control Real-Time Scheduling
  • 2009: Tian, Yuchu, PhD: Dynamics Analysis and Integrated Design of Real-Time Control Systems
  • 2009: Seneviratne, Sena, PhD: Framework for Load Profile Prediction for Grid Computing

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