Getting a BE and BSc over 5 Years

There are two ways to complete the BE and BSc degrees over a period of 5 years: the double degree and the combined degree.

The BE/BSc Double Degree

The term "double degree" is used here to refer to a scheme which has been popular for many years. Students complete 1st and 2nd year in the Faculty of Engineering, transfer at the beginning of the following year to the Faculty of Science in accordance with Faculty of Science resolutions, and return to complete 3rd and 4th years in the Faculty of Engineering. The BSc degree is awarded following the year in Science.

A student may choose to complete an additional Honours year in Science before returning to Engineering.

A student wishing to undertake this program should apply to the Science Faculty at the end of 2nd year. The Faculty of Science imposes conditions on the transfer. Broadly, a student is required to have completed 96 credit points of Science units or of other units acceptable to Science (such as the ELEC units). They must also be qualified to enrol in a major in a Science area.

The BE/BSc Combined Degree

The combined degree refers to a scheme whereby students are enrolled for five years in the Faculty of Engineering and and may enrol in Engineering and Science units each year. Both degrees are awarded at the end of five years.

A total of 240 credit points from the Engineering and Science Faculties must be completed, including

  1. 156 credit points of units specified for the particular BE specialisation,
  2. 96 credit points from the Faculty of Science, which may include units in 1. which form part of the BE requirements
  3. units required for a major in Science

An Honours year in Science can be completed only after the five years and as an enrolment in the Faculty of Science.

Summary of Differences in Enrolment

The table sumarises the 5 year enrolment for both schemes

Year  Enrolment
Combined degree Double degree
1 BE/BSc combined degree in Faculty of Engineering BE in Faculty of Engineering
3 BSc in Faculty of Science
4 BE in Faculty of Engineering

Double Degree or Combined Degree?

If you intend to major in Physics, Mathematics or Information Technolgy in the faculty of Science, both the double degree and the combined degree are suitable. With the new rules coming into force in 2004, the differences are blurred, but there is somewhat more flexibility with the combined degree: because of the high Science content of the Engineering requirements, both the Engineering and Science requirements can be satisfied in less than 240 credit points. The total of 240 can be made up with units from either faculty.

Because you can transfer to the Faculty of Science only if you are enrolled for the BE (NOT the BE/BSc), you should give careful consideration to which path you wish to take at the beginning of second year. If in doubt, see the relevant academic adviser.

If you do NOT intend to major in Maths, Physics or Information Technolgy (you may be interested in the life sciences, for example), you should enrol in the combined degree. You are unlikely to have completed sufficient Science units for Engineering to be able to undertake a major in Science after two years.