BE Electrical Engineering (Bioelectronics)/BMedSc

This page describes a typical enrolment for the BE Electrical Engineering (Bioelectronics) combined with the Bachelor of Medical Science. It is up to date for 2012.

To qualify for the BE/BMedSc combined degree under the 2011 rules, you must:

  1. Complete 156 credit points of Engineering core and recommended units of study as described in the Faculty of Engineering Resolutions.
  2. Complete the units of study relating to the BMedSc as prescribed in the 2011 joint resolutions.

You are permitted to replace up to 12 credit points of recommended units with CHEM1101 Chemistry 1A and/or BIOL1001 Concepts in Biology. The tables below assume an enrolment in these two units although they are not required under the joint resolutions.

Many of the Science units in these tables have advanced level equivalents. The normal units are shown here.

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