BE (Electrical Engineering)/BSc 

This page describes a typical enrolment for the B.E. (Electrical Engineering) combined with the Bachelor of Science. It is up to date for 2012.

Important. If you are interested in majoring in the life Sciences in the BSc, the scheme described here is relevant. If, however, you intend to major in Physics, Mathematics or Information Technologies in the BSc, please read the Getting a BE and BSc page before enrolling.

To qualify for the BE/BSc combined degree, you must complete 240 credit points from the Science and Engineering Faculties, including

  1. At least 156 credit points of Engineering core and recommended units of study as described in the Faculty of Engineering Resolutions.
  2. At least 96 credit points from the Faculty of Science which may include units completed as part of 1.
  3. Satisfy any other requirements specified by the Faculty of Science

Many of the Science units in these tables have advanced level equivalents. The normal units are shown here.

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