BE (Electrical Engineering)/LLB

This page describes a typical enrolment for the B.E. (Electrical Engineering) combined with the Bachelor of Laws. It is up to date for 2012.

This combined degree involves a total of six years of study. Only the first four years are shown here; years 5 and 6 are completed entirely in the Faculty of Law and involve no Engineering units.

During the first four years, you must:

  1. Complete 144 credit points of Engineering core and recommended units of study as described in the Faculty of Engineering Resolutions.
  2. Complete the 48 credit points of LAWS units shown in the tables below.

The unit LAWS1008 Legal Research is shown in semester 1 but may be taken in either semester.

Many of the Science units in these tables have advanced level equivalents. The normal units are shown here.

Year 1

Semester 1 CP
ENGG1805 Professional Engineering and IT 6
INFO1103 Introduction to Programming 6
LAWS1006 Foundations of Law 6
LAWS1013 Legal Research 1 0
MATH1001 Differential Calculus 3
MATH1002 Linear Algebra 3
Semester 2 CP
ELEC1601 Foundations of Computer Systems 6
INFO1105 Data Structures 6
LAWS1012 Torts 6
MATH1003 Integral Calculus and Modelling 3
MATH1005 Statistics 3

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Year 2

Semester 1 CP
ELEC1103 Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 6
LAWS1014 Processes of Justice 6
MATH2061 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus 6
PHYS1001 Physics 1 (Regular) 6
Semester 2 CP
ELEC2103 Simulation and Numerical Solutions in Engineering 6
ELEC2104 Electronic Devices and Circuits 6
ELEC2302 Signals and Systems 6
PHYS1003 Physics 1 (Technological) 6

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Year 3

Semester 1 CP
COMP2129 Operating Systems and Machine Principles 6
ELEC2602 Digital Logic 6
LAWS1015 Contracts 6
Core or Recommended unit 6
Semester 2 CP
LAWS1016 Criminal Law 6
PHYS2213 Physics 2EE 6
Core or Recommended units 12

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Year 4

Semester 1 CP
ELEC4702 Practical Experience 0
ELEC4710 Engineering Project A 6
LAWS1018 International Law 6
LAWS1019 Legal Research II 0
Core or Recommended units 12
Semester 2 CP
ELEC4711 Engineering Project B 6
LAWS1017 Torts and Contracts II 6
LAWS1021 Public Law 6
Core or Recommended unit 6

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