Changes for 2005

This page outlines the changes that took place in 2005.

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An overview

All EIE units of study which are currently 4 credit points will become 6 credit points. In order to satisfy degree requirements, which are based on credit points, candidates will be required to complete fewer units of study. In many cases, there will be insignificant change to the contents of the units, and, where there is an equivalent relationship between an old and a new unit, core requirements which applied to an old unit apply also apply to the new unit, notwithstanding the changed unit code.

Similar changes are taking place to Intermediate Science units (changes to Senior units are scheduled for 2006).

Changes to units of study

Follow the UNITS OF STUDY link to see a list of the new units of study and to obtain information about the relationship between old and new units (including Science units). There are significant changes to the 2nd and 3rd year Digital units.

Rule changes

There will also be changes to rules for 2005. They are partly a result of the conversion to 6 credit point units but also reflect changes to rule changes by other faculties involved in combined degrees. Generally, the rules have become more flexible.
The new 2005 rules can be found by following the DEGREE INFO link.

Enrolment plans

Revised enrolment guides are available following the ENROLMENTS link. They are a guide only, especially in the case of combined degrees when a wide range of possible enrolemnts can occur.

The tables shown are aimed primarily at new students starting under the new rules. They will also be very useful for current (2004) first year students. For students in advanced years, however, they may not be particularly relevant. Students in this last category should adjust their enrolments to suit their own requirements.