Student Representatives - 2015

Student representatives organise social functions and generally act as intermediaries between the student body and staff. As members of the departmental Staff-Student Liaision Committee, they can draw the attention of staff to a wide variety of student problems and gripes.

Undergraduate student representatives:

Year 1

Year 2

Max William Fisher Computer Engineering
Yue Le Caleb Wu Electrical Engineering

Year 3

Aaron Janz Ramsden Electrical Engineering(Power)
Kenan Toker Electrical Engineering(Power)
Bao Ying Tong Electrical Engineering
Michael Yauw Software Engineering
Shizhe Zang Telecommunications Engineering

Year 4

Ahmed Alqahtani Software Engineering
Harley Broer Electrical Engineering(Power)
Marjorie Carpo Software Engineering
Parikshith Elete Electrical Engineering
Jingming Hou Electrical Engineering


Postgraduate Coursework Student Representative: