Course Information - ELEC4702 Practical Experience

Industrial Work Experience for Third/Fourth Year Students

Course outlines

The Bachelor of Engineering degree requires students to obtain industrial work experience of twelve weeks (60 working days) duration towards satisfying the requirements for award of the degree. Students may undertake their work experience after completion of a minimum of 24 credit points of Year 3 units of study when they have built up a sufficient background of engineering. The following provide information about work experience and student can also contact the course coordinator for a further discussion if his/her question is not answered here.

Register your work experience:

As soon as you accept a job offer you should submit the Industry Partner Placement Letter for paid placement / unpaid placement signed by your placement provider along with Section A of the ELEC4702 Practical Experience form  giving the details of your employment and submit through Blackboard (eCommunity Site ELEC4702 Practical Experience) to get the academic approval.

OHS requirements

The university takes your occupational health and safety seriously. In order for you to be properly covered for insurance, please make sure that you complete Section B and C of the ELEC4702 Practical Experience form  with your supervisor at work before the start of your employment and submit through the Blackboard.

What is the pre-requisite for work experience?

The pre-requisite of this UoS is completion of a minimum of 24 credit points of Year 3 units of study. You may contact the course coordinator for a discussion if you are in your third year and with to undertake your work experience but have not yet successfully completed 24 credit points of Year 3 UoS.

What kind of job can count as work experience?

The type of job that is acceptable for work experience may vary: from process work and technical support through to engineering design and research or software design and maintenance. In general, the job should be in an engineering environment but not necessarily in the same discipline of the degree the student is pursuing. For instance, simply selling equipment for a computer firm is not considered suitable, however, the technical support work (while selling) may be suitable.

How many credit points the student will gain from this UoS?

None. You don’t gain any credit from this UoS but it is compulsory and you cannot graduate without completion of it.

What is required by this UoS?

At first, you need to find a suitable position of work experience then work for 60 days and finally submit your Work Experience Report (see below for details about submission of your report).

When should I enrol in the UoS?

You may enrol after completing the pre-requisite of 24 credit points of Year 3 units of study. It is enough if you enrol once even if you could not complete 60 days of work experience in that semester.

Is there a deadline for submission of the report?

There is no deadline for submission of the work experience report. But it is a good practice to submit it in the first two weeks after your entry to Year 4 if you have already completed your work experience. However, students may continue to complete work experience after Year 3 or even after Year 4. Then you can submit your report as soon as possible.

Who is responsible to find and apply for work experience?

The student is responsible to find the job. This would be a good excise for the student who will need to find a long term job after graduation.

Assistance from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering and the Careers Centre:

The School will assist students as much as possible. Job advertisements passed to the school from various companies are announced in eCommunities on Blackboard.The school webpage has got links to foundation site, which is then linked to the EE Foundation members and other useful information (such as how to draft your resume, how to prepare for an interview, etc). There is also a list of companies which have provided work experience for students in the past.

Students can also get advice from the Careers Centre which has contact with many firms. The Careers Centre is located at 160 City Road, Darlington NSW 2006 (telephone: 02 8627 8403).

How to apply for a work experience placement?

You are encouraged to write directly to the companies that may offer a work experience position. You may find these companies from their advertisements or from other sources. Writing an application is actually an integrated part of the work experience. Your application may be written in a general form. Suggestions as to how to prepare a good application can be found on the School “MyCareer” webpage or the Careers Centre webpage.

Can I work overseas?

Yes, you can work overseas with overseas companies.

Can I work for more than one company?

Yes. You can accumulate the total number of days working with more than one companies. In your report you may emphasis on one company and provide brief report of works with the others.

Can I use my previous work experience ?

It may be possible to use your recent employment for reporting towards work experience. You may discuss with the unit coordinator regarding this citing the appointment letter, service certificate and any other relevant documents supporting your employment.

Certificate from the company:

Upon completion of your work experience, you should get a letter from the firm indicating the period of employment and the type of work you have undertaken and attach it to your report. You should inform the company that a short report on the work experience is to be submitted to the School.

How do I write my report?

You need to prepare a report after completion of the work experience. The report may be divided into three sections:

  1. Organisation and structure of the firm (this requirement can often be satisfied with a line diagram taken out of an Annual Report of the firm, typically around 1 page).
  2. Some comment on the sections of the firm that you came into contact with (ie what do they do, why they exist, typically around 1 page).
  3. Log of your work with date in the period of your work experience (typically around 1 page).
  4. Explain the work you have done during this period (typically 2-4 pages).
    • It is desirable that this section includes a description on a) what is your contribution to the employer (or equivalently your major achievements); b) how the knowledge and skills you learned from the university are applied to your work; c) what benefits you have gained from this work experience, where the benefits can be either in the practical skills you gained or the generic attributes you developed or any other benefit you feel useful for your future career.
    • If you have done multiple jobs in the work experience, you may choose to focus on the one that you think is the most important (or you benefit most from) and then briefly mention the other minor jobs too.
    • If you are engaged in a large project involving many team members, you may choose to focus on your part only and how your work has benefited the entire project. 

You might also comment on management/union interaction and any other interesting issues. In general, 4-6 pages in length should be sufficient. Appendices are allowed if you wish to keep all your work together, but they may not be read within the School.

You are encouraged to contact your unit coordinator for inquiries on writing the report.

How to submit my report?

You need to submit your work experience reports through Blackboard. Please read the following requirements carefully and follow all the details (such as what should be in the report), otherwise your report may be rejected.

  1. Your submission must be ONE single PDF file and consist of:
    • A cover page that can be downloaded from this web site;
    • Compliance statement (a signed copy must be attached to each report submission)
    • The main body of your report;
    • A certificate from the company, and any other attachment (can be scanned and then included in the file).

Is there any due date to submit the report ?

You should submit the report as soon as possible but not latter than the 6th week of the semester to ensure the results are updated along with your semester results in the database and finalise the graduation list.

What happens after submission of my report?

After submission the report will be assessed and you will be notified through black board whether it satisfies the requirements. If there are any inadequacies feedback on the report will be given for you to revise and resubmit. 

Further contact:

For further enquiries  contact the unit coordinator Dr. Swamidoss Sathiakumar (02 9351 4640)