Undergraduate & Coursework Students


IT Helpdesk Support

For all IT requests, incidents or problems:

  • Call (02) 9351 6000; or
  • Email ict.helpdesk@sydney.edu.au

    • use your university email account
    • provide as much information as possible including student name, SID, course information; or
  • Students can receive help from ICT staff by visiting one of the Access Labs.

  • Student Computer Spaces

In the school laboratories 

  • your first person to contact is the lab supervisor/officer;

Helpdesk Hours

  • 8:00am - 9:00pm (Monday to Friday)


  • We are now using the University PaperCut printing system in all our EIE labs. 
  • Students enrolled in year 1, 2, 3  have a semester free printing quota of 200 pages.
  • Students enrolled in year 4, 5, project and coursework  have a free printing quota of 400 pages.
  • After using your free printing quota you can pay for extra printing using your student account.
  • For your printing balance and history printing logs please Log into Student Printing with your UniKey and UniKey password.
  • For printing quota issues please call IT Helpdesk


Free Internet Access

All currently enrolled students at the University of Sydney receive free internet access through the University's wired and wireless networks.

You can use the internet to access University resources and for limited minor and incidental personal use. Use of the University's internet service is governed by the University's Code of Conduct and Conditions of Use as outlined in the Information and Communications Technology Resources Policy of the University of Sydney.

Further information at Student IT internet services.

University Access Labs

University Access Labs also provide free internet access, where you can use the internet to access University resources and a reasonable amount of personal activity.

Wireless Access

Students can connect to the internet using personal laptops or mobile phones. Visit the Universities wireless access pages for detailed information on setting up a wireless connection at usyd and access points.Wireless access is available in Electrical Engineering Building, J03. Level 6 WiFi coverage will be completed on level 6, J03 in the second half of 2013.

To connect to the University wireless (UniSydney network), provided you are in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP):

  • Enable wireless on your device.
  • Select UniSydney from the list of available wireless networks.
  • Click Connect or Join.
  • When prompted for your credentials, enter the following:
    username: your UniKey (eg abcd1234)
    password: your UniKey password
  • If you receive a warning to intall/trust a security certificate, click Connect or Accept.
  • Further info on how to connect and use the University Wireless Network.

New students & UniKey Computer Account

If you are a new student, your School computer account is available as soon as your UniKey account  has been created and activated by University ICT. 

To access the software installed in our school laboratories, please use your UniKey login and password. The school uses the University INTERNAL domain, same domain as in all Access Labs.

First time you login to a PC, it can take between 1-2 minutes to create your profile. Please be patient and wait for the logon procedures to finish before starting to work.

Check your University email account regularly soon after you have completed enrolment for annoucements and useful information.

Unikey account

Your Unikey account is the one given to you when you first enrol in this University. Use this account to access, software in EIE labs, MyUni, your university email, intranet/internet and any PC in the University Access Labs. These services are maintained by the Information and Communications Technology staff (ICT). ICT provides centralised IT support and services to both staff and students of the University of Sydney.


Software Available

  1. Software installed in the School laboratories. Licenses for all software running in the School Labs are installed and maintained by ICT on centrally manages license servers.
  2. MSDN Academic Alliance – Australia

The MSDN Academic Alliance allows students enrolled in our school to install Microsoft applications such as Visual Studio, Expression Web, Windows Vista, SQL Server, Windows Server and more on their home machines / laptops for free. 

Please call ICT helpdesk on 16000 if you have access issues. 


File Storage

  • ("H:\" drive) - home directory -  is your personal directory providing storage on the student server. 

    You can access the "H:\" drive from the School computer labs, with the exception of  lab440 which is not networked.
    For back-up purposes, we recommend that you store your work files on the "H:" drive, which is backed up daily.
  • U:\ drive - you have an extra 100MB on the U: drive which is linked to your UniKey account. You can access this account from all networked EIE labs and Access Labs.
  • You can use your Windows Live SkyDrive for online storage, using a web interface. It is important to back up your documents, one good way to do this is by emailing them to yourself regularly using your SydneyMail account.

  • You can also transfer your files to external USB drives or you cna use an online file storage service of your choice.

Using USB Memory Sticks

You can insert your memory stick into any PC in the School labs, Windows should automatically pick up your device and assign a drive letter to it. Usually, it will be designate as a "Removable Disk" in "My Computer". You then can work with the drive just like another local hard drive.

When the LED on the flash drive is on, it indicates it is in standby mode. When the LED flickers it is in read/write mode- do not unplug the memory stick whilst the light is flicking.

If, when you insert your memory stick, the computer goes through a hardware detection process & says something like you don't have administrative privilege to install the device, check if your device has any other integrated device that Windows detects as extra device. If this is the case, it’s recommended that you swap it with a standard USB flash drive. Remember that students can not install anything on the School lab PCs. If you believe that you are using the standard device and the above message still comes up, report the problem to the IT helpdesk for further investigation.

Unplugging memory sticks

If, when you unplug the USB drive from the PC, Windows shows the warning message "Unsafe Removal of Device" this means you unplugged the device without stopping it, and this may cause the computer to crash or lose/corrupt your data. The proper operation is as follows:

Hover the mouse on the USB symbol, you will see the little pop up "Safely Remove Hardware" message. Left click once on the pop up message, you will see another pop up "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device - Drive(E)" message. Then unplug the flash drive from the USB port.

Note: Different drive letter may be assigned to the USB drive.