School Policy on Attendance

The general rules for attendance are that students are expected to attend all required classes. The School requires satisfactory class attendance as part of participation in a unit of study. Attendance below 80% of the lectures, tutorials and labs without written evidence of illness or misadventure may be penalized with loss of marks; attendance at less than 50% of the lectures, tutorials and labs, regardless of the reasons for the absences, may result in the student being deemed not to have participated in the unit of study.

A student is considered responsible for all material covered in lectures and tutorials, and therefore it is his or her responsibility to acquire knowledge of topics that were covered in classes that may have been missed. Lecturers do not provide their own notes to students.

A grade of Absent Fail may be given in a unit for non-submission of compulsory work, non-attendance at compulsory labs, etc. as well as failure to attend an examination.

The Unit of Study Co-ordinator will determine which classes are compulsory and will implement an attendance policy for compulsory classes.