Units of Study Offerings

The current ELEC units are listed below.

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Year - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 (lv 5) 

Year 1 - CUSP Outline Sem
ELEC1103/9703 Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1
ELEC1601/ 9601 Foundations of Computer Systems 2

Year - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 (lv 5) 

Year 2 - CUSP Outline Sem
ELEC2004 Electrical Engineering Foundations 1
ELEC2103/9103 Simulation and Numerical Solutions in Engineering 2
ELEC2104/9104 Electronic Devices and Circuits 2
ELEC2302/9302 Signals and Systems 2
ELEC2602/9602 Digital System Design 1

Year - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 (lv 5) 

Year 3 - CUSP Outline Sem
ELEC3104/9104 Engineering Electromagnetics 1
ELEC3203/9203 Electricity Networks 1
ELEC3204/9204 Power Electronics and Applications 1
ELEC3206/9206 Electrical Energy Conversion Systems 2
ELEC3304/9304 Control 2
ELEC3305/9305 Digital Signal Processing 1
ELEC3404/9404 Electronic Circuit Design 1
ELEC3405/9405 Communications Electronics and Photonics 2
ELEC3505/9505 Communications 1
ELEC3506/9506 Data Communications and the Internet 2
ELEC3607/9607 Embedded Systems 1
ELEC3608 Computer Architecture 2
ELEC3609/9609 Internet Software Platforms 2
ELEC3610/9610 E-Business Analysis and Design 1
ELEC3702 Management for Engineers 2
ELEC3802 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering 1
ELEC3803 Bioelectronics 2
ELEC3901 Electrical Exchange Unit 1A 1
ELEC3902 Electrical Exchange Unit 1B 1
ELEC3903 Electrical Exchange Unit 1C 1
ELEC3904 Electrical Exchange Unit 2A 2
ELEC3905 Electrical Exchange Unit 2B 2
ELEC3906 Electrical Exchange Unit 2C 2

Year - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 (lv 5) 

Year 4 - CUSP Outline Sem
ELEC4505/9515 Digital Communication Systems 1
ELEC4702 Practical Experience 1,2
ELEC4710 Engineering Project A 1,2
ELEC4711 Engineering Project B 1,2
ELEC4712 Honours Thesis A 1,2
ELEC4713 Honours Thesis B 1,2
ELEC4714 Major Industrial Project 1,2

 Year - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4 (lv 5) 

Year 4 (level5) - CUSP Outline Sem
ELEC5020 Capstone Project A 1,2
ELEC5021 Capstone Project B 1,2 
ELEC5222/5223 Postgrad Project B 1,2 
ELEC5101 Antennas and Propagation 2
ELEC5203 Topics in Power Engineering 2
ELEC5204 Power Systems Analysis and Protection 
ELEC5208 Intelligent Electricity Networks 
ELEC5205 High Voltage Engineering 2
ELEC5206 Sustainable Energy Systems   2
ELEC5207 Advanced Power Conversion Technologies 2
ELEC5212 Power Systems Planning and Markets 2
ELEC5303 Computer Controlled System Design 
ELEC5403 Radio Frequency Engineering 
ELEC5507 Error Control Coding 
ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering 
ELEC5509 Mobile Networks  
ELEC5510 Satellite Communications Systems 
ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems 
ELEC5512 Optical Networks 
ELEC5514 Network Embedded Systems 
ELEC5614 Real Time Computing 
ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security 
ELEC5618 Software Quality Engineering 
ELEC5619 Object Oriented Application Frameworks 
ELEC5620 Model Based Software Engineering 
ELEC5622 Signals, Software and Health 
ELEC5701 Technology Venture Creation
ELEC5803 Advanced Bioelectronics 1



Changes to Units of Study

A few changes have been made to units of study in 2008.  The relationship to old units can be found here.

Major changes were made to units of study in 2005. Virtually all School of EIE units and many Science ones were affected. The relationship to pre 2005 units is maintained here for reference.

Disclaimer and Notes

The units of study described here are subject to alteration. The University reserves the right to discontinue or vary the arrangements for any unit of study, including staff allocations, at any time and without notice.

Every care has been taken to ensure that the information given is complete and accurate. Variations will be announced by the academic responsible for a particular unit of study or posted on the relevant noticeboards or on the Web. It is the responsibility of students, by attendance at lectures and frequent inspection of the noticeboards or web pages, to ensure that they have the latest information on any unit.

Warning: Not all units of study listed will run in any given year. Up to date information will be made available in these pages as it becomes available.

Students are advised not to purchase any textbooks before the start of the semester without first confirming with the School that the information is correct.