APCFS/SIF-2014 International Congress

Cost-effective operation and rigorous safety standards demand continuing advancement in understanding of damage accumulation and failure, the application of new multi-scale modelling approaches to structural integrity problems, and the development of more accurate technologies for structural damage assessment.

Designed for academics, research scientists, engineers and other materials and structure experts, the congress will cover the latest research and trends in structural material fracture, fatigue, creep, corrosion, integrity, reliability and defect detection techniques. It will be of particular relevance to practitioners working in the aerospace, biomedical, mining, marine, civil and automobile industries.

The congress combines the successful Asia Pacific Conference on Fracture and Strength and the International Conference on Structural Integrity and Failure into a single, all inclusive event. It will be hosted by The University of Sydney and co-organized by Australia Fracture Group (AFG), the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Materials Institution (CMES-MI), the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Materials and Fracture Division (KSME-MFD) and The Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers, Materials and Mechanics Division (JSME-MMD).