Thursday 15 December 2011
10.00 Welcome Session (Dr. Alistair McEwan, Dr. Craig Jin and Prof David Feng)
10.30 Prof. Eung Je Woo
Kyung Hee University
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Dr. Simon Kos
Microsoft Australia
Health and technology
12.00 Prof. David Holder
University College London
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Dr. Marco Guermandi & Roberto Cardu
University of Bologna
Active electrodes for EEG and EIT
14.00 A/ Prof. Rosalind Sadleir
University of Florida
Functional MREIT
14.30 Stephan Lau
University of Melbourne
Effect of skull discontinuities on MEG and EEG: Experimental results
15.00 Afternoon Tea
15.30 Dr. Thomas Brennan
University of Oxford
Integrating low-cost sensors with mobile phones for remote monitoring of long-term condition in resource constrained environments
16.00 Prof. Hong Yan
City University Hong Kong
Molecular biological data analysis

Friday 16 December 2011
10.00 Dr. Aravinda Thaigalingam
Sydney Medical School and Westmead Hospital
10.30 Prof Paul Keall
The University of Sydney
Radiotherapy technology development and cancer outcomes
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Dr. Girvan Malcolm
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
A wishlist for Neonatal Care
12.00 Dr. Gari Clifford
University of Oxford
Physiological signal processing and data fusion for robust alarms for scalable healthcare
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Dr. Miriam Welgampaola
Sydney Medical School and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Capturing the oculomotor and auditory correlates of acute vertigo
14.00 Prof. Brian Day
University College London
Galvanic vestibular stimulation
14.30 Prof. Craig Anderson
The George Institute for Global Health
Stroke and neurological emergencies
15.00 Afternoon tea
15.30 Dr. Terry Chilcott et al.
University of Sydney and Inphaze Pty Ltd
Biosensors: bridging the information technology gap between biology and electronics using electrical impedance tomography
16.00 Dr. Graham Brooker
University of Sydney
16.30 Dr. Slade Matthews
Sydney Medical School
Heart rate variability and oligodendroglioma
19.00 Social Dinner Cruise on Sydney Harbour