International Forum on Engineering Decision Making

IFED is an international organization with the mission to stimulate new initiatives in engineering decision making and risk analysis for engineering systems. It meets these objectives by organizing on a regular basis open international forums that focus on specific themes, providing a widely accessible publication of the contributions and of the conclusions of the forums.

Seventh Forum: Decision-Making for Uncertain Futures in a Changing Climate

The IFED forums are concerned with engineering decision-making that is based on assessments of engineering risks. The quantification and understanding of risks is an important element of risk-based decision-making, but the seventh IFED forum is focussed primarily on the development of strategies to manage risks in an optimal manner. In particular the forum is focussed on the development of strategies for managing uncertain futures, including emerging problems associated with short and long-term changes in the natural environment (including potential climate change) and the man-made environment (including risks of sabotage and terrorism).

Theme of the seventh IFED forum

  • Climate Change:
    - Climate Impact Risks
    - Effectiveness of Climate Adaptation Measures
    - Temporal and spatial changes in vulnerability or exposure
  • 'Future proofing' infrastructure - buildings, lifelines, dams, etc.
  • Accuracy of long-term predictions
  • Intergenerational effects to 2100 and beyond
  • Changes in:
    - Political climate
    - Socio-economic climate
    - Post 9/11 security climate
  • Non-stationary processes
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Socio-economic impacts on decision-making
  • Modelling of preferences of decision-makers
  • Risk treatment to mitigate risks
  • Societal preferences in engineering decision making

Aim of the seventh IFED forum

The single-session IFED forum format brings together experts in the field of decision making, risk and reliability analysis, and probabilistic modelling who have specific interests in the themes of the forum. The objectives are:

  • To outline current challenges related to decision-making for uncertain futures.
  • To discuss and to present possible solutions and applications.
  • To develop directions for future research in the field.

Discussion, collegiality, and dialogue are the key ingredients of a successful IFED forum. The programme of the forum provides plenty of opportunity to interact. At the end of each IFED forum a joint conclusion is formulated by all the participants in the IFED forum.