IWPCTM15 Post-event proceedings

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

The ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering has agreed to publish the workshop proceedings in a special journal issue, subject to peer-review. The proceedings of the 13th & 14th IWPCTM were also published by this journal.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 1st December 2016. Any submissions received after this date will be considered as an article for a regular issue.

  1. Manuscripts must be submitted through the official Journal web site - http://asmedl.org/Fluids
  2. Complete and submit the ASME copyright forms to journalcopyright@asme.org
  3. Follow the ASME instructions on preparation of the final files. In particular,
    • Check abstract length; maximum is 400 words for a research paper.
    • Check the formats of citations and references. At the web page above choose Guidelines, Writing a Technical Paper or Brief. Follow this format exactly.
    • Check equation numbering.
    • Image clarity, particularly the contrast of figures to be printed in black and white from a color figure.
    • Figure format must be .eps or .tif.
    • Table format: tables longer than 6 rows should be treated as figures.
    • Acknowledgements section, which should be succinct.
  4. When submitting your manuscript through the journal tool, please put a comment in the “Authors comments” that the manuscript is submitted with reference to the ‘IWPCTM15-BY INVITE ONLY (GE Ben Thornber)..

Click here to download the Word template and instructions, or you may also use the Latex template found here: http://iel.ucdavis.edu/code/ASME/

On behalf of the Guest Editors of the Special Issue:
Ben Thornber (University of Sydney)
Vince Wheatley (University of Queensland)
Devesh Ranjan (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Arindam Banerjee (Lehigh University)