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Would you like to be able to engineer creative and practical solutions that promote positive change worldwide? We invite you to become part of our student community of independent thinkers who tackle the difficult questions and deliver sustainable solution - we offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate]] degree offerings across a wide range of study areas.

Whether you want to begin your studies at undergraduate level, further your career with a professional postgraduate degree or begin a career in research, our faculty has a degree program right for you.

Assumed knowledge

Assumed knowledge is what we expect you to already have when you start a particular degree course. It is not required for admission, but it will help you to understand and succeed in your studies. If you are missing this background knowledge for the degree course you're interested in, you can complete a bridging course to bring you up to speed.

Our courses have different levels of assumed knowledge.

Visit to check the assumed knowledge for a particular course.


Find out about our undergraduate courses in engineering project management and information technologies, combined degree options and our Flexible First Year program.


Whether you want to qualify for a new profession, develop further in your current profession or change careers altogether, our specialised postgraduate programs in engineering, project management and IT can help you achieve your goals.


Find your research opportunity with Research Supervisor Connect - it matches your research interests to available PhD and Master's research opportunities and supervisors.

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