Postgraduate Studies

In a global economy that places a premium on cutting-edge skills and genuine innovation, well-qualified engineers, project managers and IT professionals are highly sought after.

Whether you want to qualify for a new profession, develop further in your current profession or change careers altogether, our specialised postgraduate programs can help you achieve your goals.

Engineering and Professional Engineering

We offer two engineering postgraduate coursework programs: the Master of Engineering and the Master of Professional Engineering. These engineering coursework programs are designed in collaboration with industry and taught by practising industry professionals using real-life case studies.

The Master of Engineering is a specialised program for qualified engineers seeking to move into middle management.

If you want to change careers and become an engineer, obtain accredited qualifications that will enable you to practise in Australia and internationally, or simply move into a different engineering field, you should consider the Master of Professional Engineering.


2014 Postgraduate
Engineering Guide

Project Management and Project Leadership

The faculty offers two coursework programs in this field: the Master of Project Management and the Master of Project Leadership.

The Master of Project Management is designed for mid-level executives seeking the advanced project management skills needed to manage large, complex projects at operational level. It provides a sound preparation for a career in project management.

The Master of Project Leadership is designed for experienced project managers and senior managers seeking to better equip themselves to lead large complex projects at the strategic level across an organisation. An innovative and challenging program, it develops strategic thinking and questions the traditional concepts of leadership, management, governance, risk and sustainability.

2014 Postgraduate
Project Management Guide
Information Technology and Information Technology Management

We offer three distinct postgraduate coursework programs for specific stages in your professional career: the Graduate Diploma in Computing, the Master of Information Technology and the Master of Information Technology Management.

The Graduate Diploma in Computing is designed for people with a non-IT background who want to acquire computing skills to either move into the IT industry or enhance their existing career with IT qualifications.

The Master of Information Technology program is designed for IT professionals who want to update their skills or acquire expertise in a new area of IT.

The Master of Information Technology Management program is designed for technically-skilled graduates wanting to transition into management. It helps develop important non-technical skills like project management, team communication and analytical thinking.


2014 Postgraduate
Information Technologies Guide