Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Posters

Joshua Barnes Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulations for Fuel Cell Based Hybrid Electrical Propulsion View poster
Henry Langston High Temperature Flutter for a Hypersonic Aircraft View poster
Jagoda Worotynska Gust-Response of Aeroelastic Wings View poster
Jielai Zhang Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning View poster
Adam Chakos Rupture Factor Analysis of 3-dimensional Intra-Cranial Aneurysm CFD Models View poster
Tegan Cheng Systemic Anti-Adipogenic Therapy Leads to Superior Bone Tissue Engineering Outcomes View poster
Lee-Chun Choon Wall Shear Stress Divergence as Rupture Indicator of Cerebral Aneurysms View poster
Ben Davies Biodegradable Mechanically Strong Ceramic Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration View poster
Jin Feng Yu In Vitro Stimulation of Conducting Polymer for Neuroprosthetic Applications View poster
Phillip Marathakis Snake Eyes: Electrotactile Stimulated, Sensory Substituted Sight System (ESSSSS) View poster
Lauren Meredith Simulated Prosthetic Vision: The Role of Eye and Head Movements in the Visual Prosthesis View poster
Alisa Thuy Anh Pham Investigating Nanoparticles as Treatment for Type I Diabetes View poster
Christine Poon Lung Tissue Engineering View poster
Katherine Sta.Ana Novel Ceramics for Bone Regeneration View poster
Rishubh Verma Evolution of Metamaterials: Anatomy of Invisibility View poster
Yasitha Hewakuruppu Assessment of Heat Transfer on Micro gas Turbine Compressors View poster
Zichao Wu Evolution of Nanostructural Architecture in 6060 Aluminium Alloys During Strengthening by High-Pressure Torsion View poster
Joe Banh Hardware Development of a Low Cost Autopilot for Small Surface Vehicles View poster
Robert Fujiwara GP Regression Data Preprocessing for Rock Recognition from MWD Logs View poster
Elisabeth Magdas Visual Vestibular Stimulation using Virtual Reality View poster
Jorja Martin Energy Harvesting for Animal Tracking View poster
Sarah McDonald Modified Pegboard Test: Monitoring Parkinson's Disease View poster
Rishi Ramakrishnan Visual Data Classification View poster
Mundeep Singh PicoSatellite Design View poster
Jeremy Soh FPGA-Based Sensor Fusion View poster
Rishi Verma & Jiro Funamoto The Charge Exchange Thruster View poster
Kai Lehmkuehler The Blended Wing-Body Project View poster
Srinivas Vasista Design of Morphing Wing Structures View poster
Ashkan Javadzadegan Effect of Lesion Eccentricity on Recirculation Zone Length and Fractional Flow Reserve in Coronary Arteries View poster
Jiao Jiao Li Novel Silk-Modified Ceramic Scaffolds for Skeletal Regeneration View poster
William Yenn-Ru Lu Surface Functionalization of PEEK via Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) View poster
Yujia Ma Bringing Biomimetic Cancer Systems to Life View poster
Pezhman Payami Numerical Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer in Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) View poster
Seyed-Iman Roohani-Esfahani A Novel Highly Porous Ceramic Scaffold with Superior Mechanical and Biological Properties for Building New Bone View poster
Babak (Mojtaba) Abtahi Self-Organized Polylactide Nanocomposites: New Smart Eco-Friendly Composites View poster
Rupam Bandopadhyay Precipitation in NB-1 ZR alloy View poster
Yang Cao Three-Dimensional Shear-Strain Patterns Induced by High-Pressure Torsion and Their Impact on Hardness Evolution View poster
Babak Fakhim Rack Level Thermal-Flow Analysis in Data Centres View poster
Song Ni Achieving a Combination of High Strength and High Ductility in Nanocrystalline Materials View poster
Xi Chen Design and Implementation of Model Predictive Control Algorithms for Small Satellite Altitude Control View poster
Lashika Medagoda Water Column Current Aided Localisation for Significant Horizontal Trajectories with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles View poster
Calvin Hung 'Shadow Cut' - An Unsupervised Object Segmentation Algorithm for Aerial Robotic Surveillance Applications View poster
Babak Fakhim Improved Thermal Performance of Data Centres View poster
Kai Lehmkuehler The International Aircraft Design Project View poster