Chemical & Biomolecular Posters

Barnard, M. Fabrication of Hybrid Chitosan-Bioactive Glass Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering Applications View poster
Boyce, D. Enzyme Enriched Solid State Fermentation to Enhance Production of Vitamin K2 View poster
Cao, Y. Development of Pump Datasheet, Increasing HDS Unit Capacity & Improving Gasoline Blending Efficiency at Shell Clyde Refinery View poster
Hammond, J. Kurnell Refinery Steam System Review View poster
Greer, J. Modelling and Control of Batch Crystallization View poster
Jang, H-C. Optimal Operation of Oxygen Plants in Olympic Dam using a Two-Layer Control Strategy View poster
Descarrega, A. Production of High Value Chemicals from the Decomposition of Biomass View poster
Li, Y Nitrous Oxide Abatement on Cobalt Oxide and Platinum View poster
Liu, M. Uranium Ion Exchange in Carbonate Systems View poster
Rajarathnam, G. Dispersion Modelling of Hydrocarbon Releases in Petrochemical Facilities View poster
Shiels, K. Fugitive Emissions from Open Cut Coal Mines in NSW View poster
Son, M. Industrial Wastewater Treatment for Sustainable Land Irrigation View poster
Sutherland, C. Increased Herbicides Production Through Improved Melting Capacity Poster not available
Xiu, Y. Combined Liquid-Phase and Solid-Phase Crystallization View poster
Abdollahi, Z. Synthesis and Characterization of Polyacrylamide with Controlled Molar Weight View poster
Berenjian, A. Extraction of Menaquinone-7 for Supplementation of food View poster
Fathi, A. Fabrication of Porous Interpenetrated PLEOF/Gelatin Hydrogel for Bone Repair View poster
Ji, C. Enhancing Cell Penetration and Proliferation in Chitosan Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications Poster not available
Zhong, X. Use of Carbon Dioxide as a solvent, Reagent, and Carrier in the Fabrication of Polymer Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Applications View poster
Khalilpour, R. Optimization of Postcombustion Carbon Capture Processes Integrated with Coal-Fired Power Plants View poster
Saidan, M. Bioleaching of Copper from Electronic Wasteusing Aspergillus Niger and Acidithiobacillus View poster
Rahubadda, A. C5 Sugar Decomposition Products under Hot Compressed Water Conditions View poster
Wang, L. Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production from Catalytic Steam Pyrolysis-Gasification of Biomass on Ni/MCM-41 View poster
Bou Karam, N. Carbon Dioxide Sequestration by Carbonation of Mine Tailings View poster
Mona Edris The Effect Of Chitosan Addition On Lactose Crystallinity During Spray Drying View poster