Civil Engineering Posters

Mathew Aashour, Jonathan Busch, Charmila Sathianandan Improving Flow Through Bottlenecks Using Obstacles View poster
Annabel Davis and Bonney Emmett The Behaviour of Lapped Z-Purlins in Combined Bending and Shear View poster
Damian Ferdinando Wind Power Mixing Devices in Reservoirs: Wave Overtopping View poster
Michael Fraczak, Michael Saba Anchorage Behaviour of Corroded Friction Rock Stabilisers View poster
Nicholas Kennedy and Ilan Maltz Turkienicz Computational and Experimental Study of Solar Chimney Performance View poster
Anthony Milanich & Amanda Santamaria A CFD Analysis of Wind Induced Natural Ventilation View poster
Jacek Rachocki The Application of Breakage Mechanics in Modelling Secondary Fragmentation in Block Cave Mining View poster
Benjy Marks Polydisperse Granular Segregation View poster
Chunshun Zhang Grain Crushing in Large Granular Flow Processes: Finite Element Analysis View poster
Gerard Taig Generalised Beam Theory (GBT) for Stiffened and Composite Sections View poster
Kate McDonell Nanoengineering Nanotubes: Improvement of Bundled Properties View poster
Shuang Niu Coupled Instability of Thin-Walled Stainless Steel Beams View poster
Faham Tahmasebinia Behaviour of the Composite Steel-Concrete Floor Beams with Deep Trapezoidal Steel Deck View poster
Arghya Das Study of Compaction Band Propagation in Porous Rocks View poster
Shiao Huey Chow Free Falling Penetrometer Tests into Clay View poster
Xi Zhang Advanced Analysis for Locally Unstable Steel Structures View poster
Shabnam Shayan System Reliability-Based Criteria for Designing Steel Structures by Advanced Analysis View poster
Youventharan Duraisamy Liquefaction Mitigation Using Bio-Cementation Technique View poster
Zhenyu (Eric) Yao Non-Linear Analysis and Design of Thin-Walled Structures with Openings View poster
Gareth Huxham Oscillating Foil Tidal Stream Energy Converter View poster
Chen Zhu Post-Ultimate Behaviour of Structural Steel Joints View poster