Electrical & Information Engineering

Charbel Antoun Smart House Energy Management System: A Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Approach View poster
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Praveen Paul Optically Controlled Phased Array Networks Poster not available
Reneil Sabater DC-DC Uninterruptible Power Supply View poster
Andrew Scott Losses of Transportable Grid Storage View poster
Rahul Thavarajah Optically Controlled Phased Array Antenna View poster
Payam Aghaei Pour Towards A Generic Framework for Automatic Measurements of Web Usability Using Affective Computing Techniques View poster
Jaebok Lee A Novel Method to Estimate Speed for Induction Motor View poster
Liwei Li New Microwave Photonic Filter Based on Dispersion Controlled Technique View poster
Ifeanyi Egwutuoha Smart Fault-Tolerance and Error Recovery for HPC Systems View poster
Nejla Ghaboosi Location Estimation Using Overhearing Geometry Under Shadow Fading Conditions View poster
Joubin Nasehi Tehrani Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) of Cardiac Function Using Internal Electrodes View poster
Kim Jinhui Yao Strong Accountability for Compliance in Collaborative Business Processes View poster
Jingyu Zhang A Service Oriented Mobile-Cloud Framework for Biodefence Research View poster
Zheng Yang A Business Transaction Management Model View poster
Eugene Doma Foundations for Agile Development of Business Services View poster
Boyang Hu A New Interleaving Technique for PV Systems to Reduce Ripples of Battery Charging Current View poster
Sazzad Hussain Fusion Approaches of Detecting Affect from Multichannel Physiology Poster not available
Cheyu Wang Optical Coherence Tomography Based Retina Layer Segmentation and Measurement for Temporal Studies of Retina Diseases View poster
Zijie(Jeffrey) Zhang Information Propagation in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks using Epidemic Routing View poster
Wenzhu Huang,Di Zhang Grid-Com Smart Home System View poster
Wenzhu Huang, Di Zhang Grid-Com Demo System View poster
Ting Sun Digital Time-Multiplexing Control of Single Switch Dual-Output DC/DC Converter View poster
Ian Laird Thermoelectric Generator Modelling View poster
Wenfei Wang Bridgeless Step-Down AC/DC Converter and its Applications to The Grid View poster
M.A. (Tony) Barry Measurements in a Phantom for Cardiac Electrosurgery View poster
Brian A Walker Resonant Optothermal Detector for use as an Optical Power Meter View poster
Dahai Li Kernel-Based Recursive Least Squares Temporal Difference View poster
Hamed Monkaresi Detecting Affective States from Head Movements in a Naturalistic Human Computer Interaction View poster
Ming Liu Question Taxonomy and Implications for Automatic Question Generation View poster
Chong Ang Spiking Neural Network-Based Auto-Associative Memory Using FPGA Interconnect Delays View poster
David Browne Impact of Large-Scale Wind Generation on the Conventional Electrical Network View poster
Michael Frechtling & Philip Leong Customizable Floating Point Units for Run-Time Error Analysis View poster
Reza Zolfaghari Mapping HRTFs to Human Head and Ear Morphology View poster
Tong Chen Spectrum Sliced Microwave Photonic Signal Processing View poster
Van Bruns Tooth Brushing Simulator View poster
Nusrat Ahmed Surobhi A Sentiment Aware Service Selection Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks View poster
Yang Du A Study on the Harmonic Issues at CSIRO Microgrid View poster
Tao Yang Capacity of 3-Dimensional CSMA Multi-hop Networks View poster
Siavash Bayat Distributed Optimal Multi-Operator Multi-Femtocell Stable Matching View poster
Shuang Tian Relay Protocol Design For LTE-Advanced Systems View poster
Seh Chun Ng Data Collection Requirements for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks with Link Failures View poster
Qiong Zhao Low Complexity Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Algorithm in Two-Way Relay Networks View poster
Qimin You A Multihop Transmission Scheme with DF Protocol and Network Coding in Two-Way Relay Fading Channels View poster
Neda Aboutorab Channel Estimation and ICI Cancellation for High Mobility MIMO-OFDM Systems View poster
Mahyar Shirvani Moghaddam User Cooperation Via Rateless Coding View poster