Supporting Talented Students

There are a number of ways your organisation can benefit from supporting our talented students. These include having our top students work with your organisation on a research project, access to engineering, IT and project management graduates for recruitment as well as the opportunity to develop relationships and collaborate with our leading experts.

We have Industry Project Placement Scholarships that range from short 10 - 12 week summer research placements through to 6 month industry placements. Our Leadership Scholarships offer a longer commitment of 3 to 5 years, giving you the opportunity to track your student’s progress and tailor their experiences.

Talk to us about the right option for your organisation.

Program Investment Commitment

Summer Research Project Placement Scholarships

$13, 850*/ $14,400 10-12 weeks
Industry Placement Scholarships From $25,500*/ $26,500
to $27,250*/ $29,750
6 months
Sydney Leadership Scholarships $18,000 per year for the
normal length of the degree

3 years – Bachelor of Project Management
4 years – Bachelor of Information Technologies
4 years – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
5 years – Double degree

*Engineering Foundation Member

Industry Project Placement Scholarships

Our unique industry project placement scholarship program integrates industry experience with research projects.

As an Industry Project Placement Scholarship partner, you will have a talented student work on a research project of significant value to your organisation. You will also:

  • be involved in the selection of research/project topics (in consultation with an academic)
  • be involved in the selection of the student
  • have access to our leading experts through academic supervision of your project.

The duration of industry project placements vary depending upon your requirements and the student’s curriculum. Talk to us about how we can tailor an industry project placement scholarship to suit your needs.

Leadership Scholarship Program

Our Leadership Scholarship Program aims to develop the future engineering, IT and project management leaders. These are the most valuable undergraduate scholarships offered in Australia in terms of financial support and leadership development. They provide talented students with unique development and educational experiences. These include:

  • An annual structured professional experience placement within your organisation*
  • Leadership insights, including working with the Warren Centre’s Chair in Engineering Innovation, and the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership
  • Direct access to a business mentor
  • Online networking forums and regular networking functions, where they can meet with alumni, government and industry leaders.

As a Leadership Scholarship program partner you will have a talented student placed with your organisation, where they will learn the skills to thrive in a business environment. You will be able to track your student’s progress and tailor their experiences for each placement, ensuring they can take advantage of the unique opportunities your organisation provides.

Your scholarship recipient will be placed with you for:

  • 6 weeks at the end of first year
  • 8 weeks at the end of second year
  • 10 weeks at the end of third year
  • 10 weeks at the end of fourth year (combined/double degree students only).

Scholarship recipients are also exposed to the latest research and technical advances on campus, and may choose their thesis topic to relate to your industry or area of interest. Using your facilities, engineering supervision or technical materials helps them deepen their real-world knowledge.

As well as participating in the educational experience of your student, you will have the opportunity to meet other talented students, academics, alumni and industry peers at regular events and forums.

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