New SoIT Building

As well as having over 600 terminals for undergraduate use and a dedicated postgraduate coursework lab that students can access 24/7, the School of IT has invested heavily in infrastructure. In 2006 the School moved into a new building, situated on Cleveland Street next to the Seymour Centre. The building houses state-of-the-art research labs and computing facilities and accommodates the substantial and ongoing growth in IT staff and students.

Research labs include:

Experimental Research Laboratory - This is a specialised laboratory dedicated to controlled, laboratory-based experimental research in Information Technology-related areas. It has 20 powerful, networked workstations with additional facilities for hosting experiments in which subjects can carry out experimental tasks under controlled conditions. The laboratory is located in the eastern wing of the fourth floor of the SIT Building and is available for postgraduate and Honours research.

Grid Lab - This lab is fitted out with high performance computers and network infrastructure for experiments in Grid computing, the next revolution in internet and distributed computing technology.

Multimedia Lab - Multimedia Lab is a professional studio for developing video and audio presentations, available for both research and commercial use.

Pervasive Lab - The Pervasive Computing Laboratory is used to investigate computing systems of the future where the user interface and computing power is ubiquitous.

Usability Lab - The usability lab has state-of-the-art eye-tracking facilities for evaluating user interfaces and understanding how people interact with novel technologies.

ViSLAB - The Visualisation and High-Performance Computing Laboratory is the leadingsite in Australia for advanced visualisation and computing.