Our people


Wei Bao, Dr
Lecturer in Networks and Systems


wei dot bao at sydney dot edu dot au

8627 8645

Vera Chung, Dr


vera dot chung at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 9109

Image Processing; Watermarking; FPGA; Data Mining.

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 Vera Chung

Vincent Gramoli, Dr
Senior Lecturer in Distributed Systems


vincent dot gramoli at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 9270

Concurrent Programming and Distributed Systems

 Vincent Gramoli

Ralph Holz, Dr
Lecturer in Networks and Security


ralph dot holz at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 9718

Global-scale measurement of Internet service deployments and their security, data-driven security mechanisms and analysis of blockchain technology and its implications.

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Kevin Kuan, Dr
Senior Lecturer


kevin dot kuan at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 4927
Kevin Kuan 

Na Liu, Dr
Lecturer in Information Systems


liu dot na at sydney dot edu dot au

8627 4277
 Na Liu

Julian Mestre, Dr 
Senior Lecturer in Large Scale Convex Optimization


julian dot mestre at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 4276

Approximation algorithms for covering, packing, coloring, scheduling, and routing problems.  Matchings under preferences: popular, stable and fair assignments.

Uncertainty models: universal, incremental, and stochastic optimization.

Julian Mestre

Josiah Poon, Dr
Senior Lecturer


josiah dot poon at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 7185

Learning - behaviour pattern: user and/or group of users (recommender systems), data mining & prediction, detection of computer virus and network hacking, text data mining. HCI - interaction using contextual information, aka Proactive Information Environments (PIE), adaptive information presentation. Evolutionary computing, computational models of design and creativity, case-based reasoning and Integration of symbolic and sub-symbolic reasoning.

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Josiah Poon

John Stavrakakis, Dr


john dot stavrakakis at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 3005



Anastasios Viglas, Dr
Senior Lecturer


taso dot viglas at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 6090

Computational Complexity Theory; Algorithmic Game.

Currently on leave.

Anastasios Viglas

Xiuying Wang, Dr
Senior Lecturer


xiu dot wang at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 3788

Multiple Sensors and Networked Sensors’ Data Fusion, Processing, Analysis and Computer Vision; Image Registration and Computer Graphics for Biomedical and Multimedia Applications.


Zhiyong Wang, Dr
Senior Lecturer


zhiyong dot wang at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 3766

Multimedia Information Processing, Retrieval and Management; Internet-based Multimedia Data Mining, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning; Computer Vision and Surveillance.

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Zhiyong Wang

Ying Zhou, Dr


ying dot zhou at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 3215

Web Mining; Social Tagging; Web Information Retrieval.

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Ying Zhou